I am on day 16 of only fruit and veg – I am crazy, I know! I am known for my outrageous diet decisions and have the nickname “Extreme Girl”….one minute I could be eating McDonalds all day, the next a week of only tast-d-lite – if only you knew what I have decided to do to lose weight, get healthy, and frankly, see if I could actually do it!!

So, after Thanksgiving and the binge eating I decided that I would do three weeks of only fruit and veg before I got on a plane to London for the holidays…so the plane is leaving on the 19th December…not long to go!!! Also, I added that I would also have to do some sort of exercise every day of this detox, just to make it even more annoying!!

It’s funny – I set the requirements and then I get mad at the rules…but I set them, so you would think that I could just break them or alter them or cheat on them….nope, the rules are the rules!!

Crazy!! I get it!!

So, status report: am very tired, my body is aching, and I can’t friggin’ wait for the plane food on the 19th!! Its going to be the best plane food in the world!! 🙂

Who knows what diets 2011 will hold!!