365 ONE: day 41…pajama crazy…yup, that’s me!

Day 41: February 18th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “1, 2, 3, 4, Get With The Wicked” by Richard Blackwood

Improvised Acting video I uploaded to my other blog = “Freestyle Gibberish”

Anything to Note =

Once again, there is no doubt that I am C. R. A. Z. Y. !!!!

Oh, I fully admit it!!

I had to get my 365 criteria done as have two performances today so wanted to make sure I was done before I left for the theatre so most of my criteria was done with me in my ridiculous massive pajamas, and as quiet as possible to not wake anyone up. I look like and feel like a hobo in this outfit! But I do like me some baggy pajamas 🙂

FALSE….it clearly does not deter me!!!

I proceeded after the stretching and fitness criteria in my baggy pajamas to then do the video upload…where my blue massive pajamas are definitely featured! And how ridiculous I am!! I sat in the spare room and stared at my ipod and then just decided to turn it on and free associate, and maybe it will turn into something like freestyling??!! UMMMMMM….you should take a look at what a tired, slow, white girl in pajamas sounds like “freestylin'” HAHA! My brain would not move fast enough that early in the morning!!

Then another true form of white girl trash happened…

I wanted to do the dance of the day but didn’t want to go in and wake Stuart up to get my sports bra as he had a long well-earned drinking night for post Fashion work and came back late, soooo…decided it would have to do if I just held my boobs to dance!! Ridiculous! I also didn’t want to spend the whole song with no arm movements so at times I maneuvered myself to be able to hold both boobs with one arm while I waved the other about like a banshee and then switched!

I must have looked like I was on drugs!!!

Ahhhh…what I do for love haha! 🙂

Anything to say?

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