365 ONE: day 95…I have so many clothes….and yet I have nothing!

Day 95: April 12th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “I Shot The Sheriff” by Eric Clapton

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “”Reporting From The Streets”

Anything to Note =

If you saw how many clothes I have you would laugh at me when I say “I have no clothes!” But, it’s true! I don’t!!!!!!! I know there are piles of it by the bed, hanging up, shoved in loads of drawers, at the back in the spare room closet, in the living room closet….and piled on my bike!! BUT…I feel like I have nothing!!!

I need to go through my clothes I guess and donate but I have a hard time getting rid of things, and how can I do that now when I am pregnant??? What if I can’t get into any of my clothes I own but I know I will want to wear them in the future when I am hopefully back to my original size??? So how can I make that call now??

I can’t seem to find anything to wear in the mornings (partly due to the mess that needs to be tidied so I can actually SEE my clothes) but “I have no clothes!” and so I get annoyed – this happened when I was at my smallest size too, but now that my body is changing I feel especially poopy about it!!!!!!

I was like a monkey and a headless chicken running around this morning – pulling clothes out, trying them on, then ripping them off again and chucking them!!!

I look/looked POOP in everything!

Whaaaah (or insert your spelling of whiney crying/moaning noise here) !!!!

Ah, something to look forward to again tomorrow morning….boy oh boy…

Unless it really is time to sort, or at least clean up, or donate some things or…..GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anything to say?

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