365 ONE: Day 264… 33 Hours Later

Day 264: September 28th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!


Dance of the Day was = SINGING AND CRADLING BABY

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “33 Hours”

Anything to Note =

What a 33 hours….

Horrible labour. It was really bad.

Waters broke at 1am and leaked out all night which was confirmed at the hospital but then was sent home and told not to come back until 1am last night or my contractions were coming as three every ten minutes.

I was in agony.

My waters were broken but I was not contracting quick enough and they were really excruciating – the baby was rubbing my back.

I could not be given the epidural as I was not then dilating enough – had to reach 4cm and I was on like 2cm for hours.

I was given morphine but got super nauseous. So was given anti nausea medication. That didn’t work.

Then had gas pump for pain relief. Was so out of it. Got super nauseous sick again.

Finally was allowed epidural. Got super sick.


Not enough dilation so had test after test done with drugs given to help induce.

In the end, if didn’t work and I was rushed to have an emergency c-section.

More vomiting.

Then got anxiety as couldn’t breathe.

But I heard him cry and it made me cry.

And even though I had major surgery and got an infection, which I have now and am still nauseous, and I am still in denial as so out of it, he is adorable.

4 Comments on “365 ONE: Day 264… 33 Hours Later”

  1. Kris says:

    “But I heard him cry and it made me cry.”

    And that made me cry. 🙂 So happy for you, all three of you. Can’t wait to meet the newest Anaburgstassiousess!


  2. What an amazing write-up! Sorry it was so hard, but you have an amazing baby to show for it. 🙂


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