365 ONE: day 295…Thoughts with NYC

Day 295: October 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Swaying with the baby

Dance of the Day was = TV music

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Bouncey Bounce”

Anything to Note =

My thoughts are with everyone back in the USA, more specifically, on the East Coast, with this impending Hurricane Sandy approaching. I am watching the news as I write this and the eye of the storm is 30 miles now only from the coast of NJ.

I never watch the news…no seriously, I never watch the news…it’s too depressing. And manipulative. I just can’t. I know people think I am crazy to not be current and up to date and in the know…but if its something so important I get told anyway.

But I have CNN on in the background right now as my hubby is in NYC, along with all my good friends up and down the East Coast…so it’s off and on the TV.

We hope everything and everyone will be ok.

For some reason I have missed it again and poor Stuart gets the brunt. Last time it was a hurricane I think that hit NYC and I was again out of the country, but Stuart’s flight was cancelled, so he had to deal with that and not being able to get to work.

When I think about it, I also missed the earthquake that hit Greece as I was out of the country, but my poor mum and brother got it.

I hope this doesn’t mean by the laws of karma that I get something later on….knock on wood!

Anyway….me and the little bubby are sending our love and good wishes your way USA.

Anything to say?

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