365 ONE: day 352…Merry Christmas!

Day 352: December 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = cleaning up/sorting/bouncing

Dance of the Day was = “Lets Go” by Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “First Christmas”

Anything to Note =

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry First Christmas to my little boy!

I know he won’t remember anything but I wanted it to be special, and it was.

He got lots of presents and cards. And there was lots of smiles 🙂

He wore his two Christmas outfits, and surprisingly slept a lot more today.

Actually it’s a little worrying, on the flip side, as he seemed to be very sleepy and overtired a lot today – he dozed more often today than his normal – is he catching up on the three months of lack of sleep he’s had???!!!

I think he’s teething.

It’s a bit young as he’s not even three months yet. But I read online that it can start as early as two months. I know, I know…I shouldn’t believe everything I read online…but I really think he is teething. He keeps sucking on his hands and pushing his gums…and it’s after he’s drunk a lot of milk so can’t be that hungry…essentially. It feels different to his hungry maneuvers.

Could also explain why he’s dozing more often – and also perhaps why he is not eating as much either.

I told my dad to get him some cool fridge teething rings for Christmas…so he now has those to suck on…if only he could hold them continuously in his mouth though…he’s a little young to keep hold of the object. However he has a super strong grip!

He’s got super strength! Kicking like a maniac! And started to hold his head up on his own really young. He still goes for my glasses and pulls them off. Now he’s in the hair mode. He is grabbing anything he can that is nearby.

My mum gave me a necklace with a heart on it engraved with Alexaki on one side and his date of birth on the other…it’s beautiful! I put it on and wore it all day, and Alexaki immediately grabbed a hold of it, then every time I had him in my arms…so clever! And cute! It’s like he knew that the necklace had his name on it…that it was his.

Merry Christmas my darling angel!

It was so lovely to spend his first Christmas with his Mummy and Daddy, and his Grandma Dee Dee and Papou. Our family friend cancelled for today as she was sick – we were supposed to be having Christmas lunch with her…but it was better this way.

Just us.

Just family.

Just precious.

Anything to say?

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