365 ONE: day 356…Three Nutshells

Day 356: December 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = Freddie Mercury documentary Queen songs

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Mini Shakespeare”

Anything to Note =

Long night. Snotty day.

Poor little munchkin has had a cold and been sick for a while but only last night did the snot finally drop…and the poor thing couldn’t breathe 😦 Up to try and suck it out, aspirate it out…nothing really works unfortunately. Managed to clear some for him to sleep again. But it’s been a snotty day….a snotty night and a snotty day. It makes me anxious listening to him feed as it sounds like he is not able to breathe through all the grunting and snorting. And of course I was awake all night making sure he could breathe and not choke. If only I could just blow his nose!!!!

Second burger for dinner in a row, from the same burger place down the road.

My dad suggested a burger for dinner last night from Gourmet Burger Kitchen down the road, as we haven’t had one since I’ve been in London amazingly! They are also expensive and don’t include the fries, which are also expensive annoyingly. Anyway, my dad picked one up for him and my mum, and then Stuart and I went out to get ours later….to then find out today that we had to go again tonight for another burger at the same place with family friends! So we went from no burgers to two burgers in two days! If only we had known that then we wouldn’t have had a burger yesterday!

Someone please take the chocolate away.

We got a lot of chocolate…from gifts from our party, for Christmas, leftovers…we literally have a table in our living room that is piled with chocolate! And it seems to be going down…because were eating it like it’s our job! I haven’t felt well in ages yet I still manage to eat chocolate…none other than because its there and I feel bad that its there…so I’m eating it even when I’m not hungry…even when I can’t taste anything because I go in and out of being sick! I feel guilty not eating them! Strange logic!

The day in a nutshell.

A chocolate snot burger shelled nut.

Anything to say?

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