365 ONE: day 357…Cry Baby

Day 357: December 30th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = bouncing and baby jogging

Dance of the Day was = more made up lyrics by me!

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Medicine Dupe”

Anything to Note =

Poor little munchkin had a bad night…again…or rather, it was worse last night actually as his blocked nose properly woke him up almost every hour…so he is soooo tired and just doesn’t sleep past half hour chunks 😦

It’s also quite creepy as he is sleeping sometimes with his eyes half open. When he falls asleep on my lap after feeding I think he’s looking at me so I smile but nope, he’s completely out of it! Not sure he is sleeping though – it looks like he’s zoning out or some sort of a zombie.

Speaking of that I just looked over at Stuart who is holding the “sleeping” angel and he opened his eyes to give me the half eye look! Haha! It’s as if he knew I was talking about him and his eyes!!

We clearly have mother son telepathy!

Although I was telepathically telling him to have a nice long sleep and he just woke up again crying 😦 So that didn’t work!

In these moments it’s when I feel the most helpless.

How do you help a crying little baby when he is fed so not hungry, just changed so doesn’t need a new nappy but overtired and won’t sleep and has a cold?

I think a lot of mothers would like to know the answer to that!

I say TEQUILA!!!


Did I say for him??? More like for me!!!!


We have daddy up walking with him and rocking him to try and stop him from crying instead, or to walk it through until the little one wears himself out.

Alexaki – I would like you to know, when you get older and read about what your mum was doing crazily on this 365 nonsense, that your daddy just laughed at you crying!!! He is soooo mean!!! He literally just laughed out loud!

I would never laugh at you crying little baby!!!! I’m your favorite parent, right???!!!! Yup, I just heard you say “Yes” in your cute little cry/talk mode! Take that Stuart!

Working on his first word…Mama!!!

Anything to say?

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