365 ONE: day 358…2013 Here We Come!

Day 358: December 31st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = walking and bouncing and dancing

Dance of the Day was = “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “NYE”

Anything to Note =

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

Happy 2013!!!!!!

13 is my parents lucky number – it’s their anniversary date – so it has to be a good year ahead! A lucky year….please!!!!!

I’m typing this and watching TV to the countdown to the new year and I just looked over and my dad is asleep with his head forward, and the little one is asleep on Stuart’s lap!!

Like grandson like grandfather!

They have a special bond. I think my dad reflects on where we came from and Alexaki sees where he is heading…and he looks up to his Papou with that cute little face…with awe and respect and his mouth wide open, smiling!

But for now he is asleep. They both are.

Look alive people – two more hours to go!!!

I’m the only one dancing here!! And I’m the only one not drinking!

You see, you don’t need booze to be crazy! 🙂

This time last year we had a house NYE party where we drank ourselves silly, played wii dance for hours and crawled on the floor taking photos of people kissing in the kitchen haha!

A year later I have diet coke in hand, a baby on my hip, but still on the dance floor…dancing to the sound of the TV music on, counting down the hours…

Look alive people! Lets say goodbye to 2012 together!

I raise my diet coke to you all, all around the world, and wish you happy times ahead! Full of love and laughter!

And no new babies for me!!! Haha!

Poor little guy, he survived the drunkenness this time last year…so he must be a strong character!

My little cutie pie!

Happy first NYE little one 🙂

You were the best Christmas present, the best 2012 present, and now the best 2013 present too!

Anything to say?

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