Operation 365 Poem: day 4…Don’t Mock

Don’t Mock

Went to the doc
With one sock
When I was struck

Sprained neck
What the heck
Such bad luck

Pull up a chair
I’m going nowhere
Give me a buck

So I can save
For when I can rave
Or for some nip and tuck

Or for a brand new truck

Or for an eyebrow pluck

I know what I need
Oh yes indeed
A good thumb suck

Operation 365 Poem: day 3…Citibank


Stuck at the bank
Sending wires as an employee
Woman was on The Today Show
Speaking loudly next to me

She had to make it loud
She had to make it clear
So that everyone around her
Was surely sure to hear

They did her hair real nice
They made up her face
Otherwise she said
She’d look like a disgrace

If it wasn’t for my neck pain
I would have taken a good peek
But I would have drawn too much attention
And looked like a freak

Instead I type this poem
And keep my head down low
Smiling at her words
But sad to miss the show!

Operation 365 Poem: day 2…Neck


How do you explain to your son
That he is not the one
I don’t want to see

I can’t turn my head
The pain awoke from bed
And now he’s staring at me

He knows something is wrong
It won’t be long
Before it starts to annoy

I wish he could know
I still love him so
Even if I can’t look over at my little boy

Operation 365 Poem and Operation 365 Crazy BEGINS with Day 1!

Operation 365 Poem begins here. On this blog.

Operation 365 Crazy is on my other blog – Zoe The Actor also on WordPress.

As if the last year of doing twelve criteria every day for a year wasn’t enough. And/Or having a baby. I decided to start two new 365 challenges….why I hear you say??

Well….I don’t quite know. Because I’m extreme girl by name, extreme girl by nature.

Year one – “365”: my friend and I challenged ourselves to see each other once every week, so 52 times in the year, amid crazy busy schedules, and long times with me abroad…and we did it!

Last year – “365 One”: I picked eleven criteria, that turned into twelve, to do every day, which I started 9 days before I found out I was pregnant…and continued….such random criteria….and I am proud to say I DID IT!!!!

And I gave myself a break…three weeks.

And I found myself wanting to do again. That and I was bombarded with people asking me what my next challenge would be? Or just what was next?? And “nothing” didn’t feel right. So I sort of felt like I had to keep going on this 365 theme…the theme of challenge. Daily challenge.

And I struggled with what.

And then the other day I asked myself that same question while on the subway going home, and just as I asked it I looked up and this caught my eye…

“What’s next? Poetry”

As if the sign was tailored to me.

I once was, and am, a published poet. A twice published poet. And it’s been a while since I have written one…but have been meaning to. I compose songs/improv songs all the time – another form of poetry – but never write them down. So this was the perfect answer.

One poem a day. For 365 days.

For you.

For me.

AND….because I wouldn’t be Zoe Anastassiou if I didn’t do, or add, or be extreme…I added another 365 challenge in that I do one crazy thing every day for 365 days, and video blog about it.

So Operation 365 Poem will be found here and the Operation 365 Crazy will be on my other blog – the tab on the right is a link to take you there; Zoe The Actor blog.

Wowza. I may regret this in the morning, but what the heck…stay tuned to read some poetry. And to hear about/see what crazy stunts I do!

    Operation 365 Poem: day 1


Something has me fixed
Like a bird to a tree
I tried to just take it in
And face reality

But who can keep it in?
Who can’t fight the fight?
Who shuts out the world outside?
Who can lie asleep at night?

“Not me”, says me to me
“Not me”, says me to you
I’m living in a dream world
Where I can’t just do one or two

Someone needs to pull me down
Or slap me in the face
Tell me it’s all okay
To stay in one place

I wish I could stay put
I wish that would keep me alive
But apparently I’m extreme
And can’t stop doing 365

Is It Time For A New One?

I keep getting comments on how people miss my blogs…

You mean the crazy 365 stunt??

The video uploads of my little monkey??

The daily crazy talk?? I could not have been that interesting so it must be about my little peanut!


How can you resist that face?

It’s a new year…is it already time for a new 365 challenge??

Is it?



Wine Spiral

My 365 day challenge finished yesterday yet I picked up the iPad as if to write my 365 blog entry…like I was on auto pilot!!


After 365 days, or a little more, of not drinking, I had my first quarter of a glass of red wine tonight! No more in case it knocked me off my chair! Apparently it made me a little cuckoo according to Stuart…well I kept doing the masturbation male ejaculation hand gesture over and over for some reason haha!! I say that’s just me being overtired and not wasted on my quarter of a glass!

Which tasted a little…..


Although in the photo taken I looked pained to be drinking it haha!

I didn’t miss drinking funnily enough. I would say to go T Total but I’m not sure I would last forever with no booze! That doesn’t sound quite right when related to me…even I know that!

That quarter of a glass has made me super duper tired…fighting staying awake. Imagine what more than a quarter of a glass would do to me!! Sounds amazing!!! It could put me completely out…and then I can perhaps sleep finally as I haven’t since 1952!!!!

Drinking wine has made me want to break all the other eleven 365 criteria I had to abide by!!!!

Is that what is next???

I feel like a rebel!! Even though I’m allowed to do (or not do) the 365 criteria…as I already won!!!

What a rebel am I with my old lady wine portion of a quarter of a glass haha!

I’ve left the apartment like a bomb has exploded…just too tired to even look at it right now…wow, I have turned into a rebel!

Against myself?

Is that even allowed???

365 ONE: day 365…DAY 365!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!

Day 365: January 7th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = traveling and carrying a million things and bouncing the little one in the ergo carrier

Dance of the Day was = “Our Love’s in (Jeopardy)” by DJ De Marchi

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Plane to America”

Anything to Note =


I DID IT!!!!!!

365 Challenge is COMPLETE!!!!!

I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I did it!!!!

For one whole year I successfully completed the following EVERY DAY!!!!

*20 Push-Ups (with some pregnancy and post birth adjustments 🙂 !!)

*2 Minutes of the Plank (again with some post birth adjustments)

*40 Sit-Ups (and again with some post birth adjustments)


*Dance to One Full Song, with Each Day Being a Different Song

*Some Form of Cardio

*To Not Sit on Public Transportation (unless I was going to pass out…I think I sat for a partial moment/journey two or three times….however I didn’t sit when I had the onset of my labour contractions on the bus!)

*To Stand on Tiptoes During Every Subway Tunnel across water in NYC, or Through Two Stops if Abroad

*Eat Healthier

*Upload Improvised Piece to My Other Blog = Zoe The Actor = http://zoetheactor.wordpress.com

*Blog About it all here


*No alcohol! (which came about later as I realized I was pregnant nine days into the challenge and I hadn’t drunk those first few days, so I added it to the criteria to go all the way!)

So I ended up doing TWELVE criteria EVERY DAY for 365 days!!!

Holy cow!

I’m proud of me. I am.

Of course the perfectionist extreme girl in me is a little harsh and said I could have done it better. I am mad that I had to do any adjusting really with pregnancy and especially post birth in having a c-section! I am also annoyed that I could not go as extreme as I would have wanted with cardio in the post c-section time…but I am always hard on myself with everything! I’m never satisfied.

Funny story….I once got a fortune cookie which said “You are never satisfied with anything” in which I immediately responded with…

“I’m getting another one”

Haha!! True to the word! That was back in college.

Of course I also didn’t reach out with my 365 challenge for charity…an element that I had wanted to do but I got swept up with the million things I was doing while pregnant/with the baby, and just could not seem to get time to figure that out.

So now that is a goal…how can I touch the charitable element post 365 blog.

What is post this 365 blog anyway???

Many people have asked me what is next?

Good question!!!

I just arrived home to our apartment in NYC to this…


I have such good friends 🙂

They made it a little easier as it’s definitely weird being back in NYC after being gone for almost 6 months. And returning to this apartment with a little baby just feels bizarre! It’s like my old life suddenly got a shock to the system! Old meets new! Or old has to interfuse with new…somehow! Amid the piles and crazy amount of crap shoved all over in this apartment!

So what is next then now that this is complete??

I have a few tricks up my sleeve so watch out! Check back in. I’m certainly not going anywhere….right now.


I just found out….

I’m pregnant. Again.


Just joking!!!!

Just kidding!!!!!!

Or am I?