365 ONE: day 359…Scratch It!

Day 359: January 1st, 2013 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = baby running and bouncing

Dance of the Day was = “212” by Azealia Banks

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Backwards Learning”

Anything to Note =

A new year. Wowza!

Writing 2013 is just strange!

We had a nice day of eating and pressies and games – Greek tradition dictates that St. Nicholas comes on New Years Eve so my dad used to get presents on New Years Day when he was young….so its now become a tradition in our house to keep one present back, or a couple back, or get a few new ones, just for New Years Day, to open. And somewhere along the way we started giving scratch cards as one of the gifts for New Years…as we love them!

I have to say it is exciting to get a scratch card and do the scratch card….and of course win haha!

I’ve always been pretty lucky actually every year – I always seem to win something with my scratch card on New Years Day.

And I did again today! I won £4! Okay okay okay, so it’s small but it’s something!

We are a lottery family in general. My parents play the lottery every week here in London when they are here…they say its a small price to pay if you can be so lucky to win the jackpot…which is true of course! But I don’t seem to ever win anything on the lottery…well, I also only play the lottery in NY when its rolled over to a big jackpot, and I usually forget and have my parents telling me from abroad to go buy a lottery ticket! But, I really have never won on the lottery…just small little amounts on scratch cards….and oddly on the ones I get for New Years!

Not that I go out and buy scratch cards any other time – I actually never buy them other than on New Years strangely now that I think about it…this is all making me want to buy more scratch cards haha!

I will gladly buy a lottery ticket in the hope of being “lucky lucky lucky” but never even thought about scratch cards…

Yet, by my argument I have been more successful on scratch cards than the lottery…hmmmmm….

By George, I think she’s got it!

“The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain”….haha!

I’m on a sugar high!!!! Can you tell??

Chocolate table is decreasing successfully! Well, we can’t take all this back to NY…there’s no friggin’ room!!! So we must “eat it, eat it, eat it!”

Soooooo…in my chaos of a blog I have figured out that I must buy more scratch cards…and that chocolate makes me cuckoo!

Cuckoo for Cadbury’s!

Or cuckoo for avoiding the real issues discussed and argued and building in the family.

Fingers crossed for a better year people!

Sidenote: a lot of people think my 365 is over because its the end of the year and now a new year, which is all grand if I had started my 365 challenge on January 1st of last year…but I was too hungover to begin then, so waited for the next Monday to come along to begin….so it’s not over everyone, as much as I wish it was…I still have 6 days to go!!!


Don’t screw it up Zoe!

Anything to say?

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