365 ONE: day 362….Mother or Bar Dancer?!

Day 362: January 4th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Lies (Otto Knows Remix)” by Burns

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Topple Over”

Anything to Note =

Two amazing things happened…

1). I had a deep tissue massage today. It was a gift from the wonderful Clare Mathieu – thank you Clare! It was actually supposed to be a pregnancy massage but I didn’t have time before I popped out the little weasel! So I managed to get a booking in before I leave. I’ve only had like two professional massages ever in my life…and this one was good!! Although its just hard to relax. I find it super hard to relax in general…and this was a deep tissue massage so it was her getting into the nitty gritty of my knots and releasing them with her knuckles, her forearms and her elbows! Regardless of me actually being able to relax or not it was a good massage….because I like it hard! Haha!

I do though 🙂

The woman told me though that I must be favoring the left side when carrying the little monkey as I had a lot more tension on that side. I could definitely feel that as it was more painful on that side throughout.

Of course she advised after that I drink plenty of water, rest and apply heat packs…which I have done none of….oh and have these massages regularly! Well of course I would if I had a money tree!!!!! Guess that’s now my prescription for the Stuart pharmacy 🙂

I think I need that prescription filled every night Stuart pharmacy!!

2). The second thing that happened today that was amazing was just funny! After my massage I went across the street to JoJo Maman Bebe shop to cash in the credit I had as it was expiring in March and I won’t be back then…so was looking around the shop for items for little Alexandros and a few minutes in of me bopping to the music I noticed what song was playing and loud….

…”I’m bringing sexy back” !!!


I could not believe that that song was playing in a baby shop!! With all the babies and toddlers around!!

And then, and this made me really laugh!! You won’t believe the next song that came on…

…”My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”


Amazing two song combo…in a baby store!!

I looked around to see if anyone else was listening or had noticed or anything…but nothing! I guess they were all too busy being proper mothers and I was too busy being a bar dancer!!!!

I can be a bar dancer AND a mother…you just watch me!

Anything to say?

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