365 ONE: day 363…HURU!

Day 363: January 5th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = bouncing and sorting into piles to pack and taking down Christmas stuff

Dance of the Day was = “Dancing on Ice” music

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Baby TV”

Anything to Note =

It is less than two days until we leave and I have not packed yet!!!

We had the Burgess family over today to see them one last time before we’re back in the summer, so we said our goodbyes with a sad face 😦

Next time they see Alexaki he will be something like 10 months old!! I can’t even understand what that means really? Will he be bigger? Longer? Taller? Fatter?

Will he be crawling? Walking? Talking? A singing and dancing clown monkey??

A little bar man who can bring his daddy beers at the ring of a bell? I actually gave Stuart that for Christmas…no really I did! It’s a bell and it has something like “Ring for Beer” on it! Haha! I thought it was funny…but in reality if he rings that bell he ain’t getting no beer from me yo!

Perhaps a first job for our 10 month old walking talking singing dancing clown monkey of a boy??? What?….too young for slave labour?

But who will tend to daddy’s needs???


Haha! And I haven’t even had any Fosters beer! Do you guys have that commercial over in the USA with the Aussie boys and Fosters beer? Otherwise Huru will mean nothing to you guys!

Well, here…this is a good one…

Ahhhh my Aussie peeps!

Stuart and I have started saying Huru now at random times! It’s brilliant!

Well, I’m Australian so I’m allowed yo!

I love how I can be three nationalities…when I want to…when it serves me best! Of course at the heart of it all I am Greek. I call myself Greek because at my core that is who I am and what I associate more with.

But, especially for auditions and acting roles, I am authentically British and Australian. I have a passport to all three so I am a national of both…all three countries….so it’s like I live three lives….and it depends on the day, the mood, the role to what I am and/or will be that day 🙂

It’s like those documentaries about people living double lives and they get caught out…I sometimes feel like I’m just waiting to be found out that I’m not 100% Australian, or 100% Greek, or 100% British….or when I’m auditioning for American…then also 100% American.

I would never say I’m an American though. However, I have been to America every year of my life…and lived over there from February 2000…so I do have, and feel, a close tie to the country.

I’m just a multi cultural crazo! I’m that annoying accented crazo that you can never place as there’s British, with some American and some Aussie inflections in my accent when I speak! Yet, I call myself Greek!

Nothing wrong with that!!

I like it!


Anything to say?

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