365 ONE: day 364…Packing Guru!

Day 364: January 6th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Packing and Sorting

Dance of the Day was = “The Girls” by Calvin Harris

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Frozen Breast Milk”

Anything to Note =

Tomorrow (today rather since it is almost 2.30am here) we leave for NYC.

The apartment looks like a bomb hit it…although better now as I have packed four suitcases…or rather three since I had to pack the one with the Moses basket in it to see how much I could fit in and then had to unpack it as that is what Alexaki needed to sleep in.

Sleep. Who am I kidding?? It’s 2.30am and he is still awake in the next room fighting closing his eyes! He went from painful crying to smiling when we tried to settle him. Poor Stuart is in there with him and he has to be up in like three hours as his flight leaves at 9am something…via Detroit!!!! It was literally the only flight I could find with my Delta Airmiles…so we can’t complain that he has a layover in Detroit! And there can be no complaining from the Stu-meister since I will be the one bouncing the poor little chap up and down the aisles for eight hours of flight while Stuart snoozes and watches movies!

Ugh. I really hope that Alexaki does not have a problem with his ears on the plane. He is still so stuffy and sniffley and blocked up. I have problems with my sinuses and ears sometimes when landing – that horrible feeling like they are going to explode! Ugh! I really hope he doesn’t feel that.

My little jet setter!

As Stuart said earlier….he’s just three months old and will have taken two trips already – one to Greece and one to NYC! A true Anastassiou baby 🙂

Was just told the Sleep Sheep has finally settled the little monkey!

Even though its late it was kind of good that Alexaki was still awake until late as I hadn’t finishing the packing chaos! And I would have had to stop until he awoke again as it would have been too loud.

I am the best packer but I admit I am a little crazo with packing! My mum referred to me as Bossy Boots earlier! Well, I kind of had to be with all the masses amount of stuff were bringing back! We have six months of stuff here – mostly for the little one! Thank heavens we got items that could fold and be broken down…because I would not have been able to get everything in!

And I did it!

I even got the ‘maybe’ pile in!!

It took me the whole friggin day and luggage scales to get it done – and we only had to pay for one extra bag!

Each bag is literally exactly the right allowance…I’m telling you, I have a natural packing talent.

Only problem is its now late, I’m in pain from being on my feet all day, and am feeling wide awake as I’m still in adrenalin packing mode…and I have a full day of traveling ahead!

And I’m not sure yet what is going on really.

Am I happy to be going back to NYC? Am I sad to be leaving London?

I am sad to leave my dad tomorrow. We all fly to America and he is flying to Greece. He’s sad. He feels like we are all leaving him…but he has to take care of matters in person that have already been out off. He’s sad because he doesn’t want to miss out on any growth or new things or anything involving his little grandson Alexaki, since he has been with him from the beginning.

He feels like Alexaki is his strength to fight his battles. His hope. His courage.

He is. Alexaki makes everything better when you look at him 🙂

Lets just pray tomorrow is not a hell travel day.

Tomorrow (I don’t count it being ‘today’ as a new day to me can only be deemed a new day if I’ve gone to sleep first)…tomorrow is quite the day.

Tomorrow is travel day AND my last day of 365. Now that’s friggin crazy! One more day!

Holy cow.

One more day.

All a bit of a whirlwind so I’m just focusing on what’s in front of my nose as they say! Things to get done, to occupy me.

I’m allergic to something. I keep getting itchy bite-like things. Could it be plastic? Trying to think of things I do every day as I get them every day. Could I be allergic to this 365 challenge haha? Or my baby??

He may be allergic to me….well, my breast milk…which is me, isn’t it?!!

Wouldn’t that be funny if it turned out I was allergic to him.


What is wrong with me??!!!!

Anything to say?

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