Operation 365 Poem: day 29…M.O.N.E.Y.


Who’s got the gold?
Who holds the purse?
Why do I feel time accelerating?
Why does that make it worse?

I drift into space
To a far away land
Every time money comes up
Every time I see money in my hand

Why does it make the rules?
Why does it dictate?
Why can’t we all be equal?
Why is it used to differentiate?

I used to feel on top
Now I feel I’m down below
Deep in the tunnels
Where all the survivors go

Why does it happen to the good?
Why do people have to suffer?
Why does it encourage more hate?
Why isn’t there some sort of buffer?

If I won the lottery today
I could help ease many a problem
But I can guarantee
That it takes more than that to solve them

Anything to say?

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