Operation 365 Poem: day 31…Baby-Sitter


Who does that?
In the middle of the street
Abandons their baby
Leaves them in their stroller seat

Who leaves their baby
In the middle of New York City
Right in busy midtown
To fend for themselves completely

Who thinks that a teeny
Tiny little human
Can crawl out of their stroller
And ask for help from a doorman

Who walks away
In the middle of the night
Leaving a sleeping baby
To wake up alone with a fright

Luckily some women
Saw and called the police
And took in the little monkey
Before being attacked by some beast

In Starbucks they waited
To give their recounts as witness
They held him tight, gave him love
It was maternal meets business

He could not have been
More than 6 months old
Apparently with no blankets
So he was quite cold

Looking for an iPad
Is what I learned
Yes I was eavesdropping
How else would I have overheard!

Seriously, who does that?
Abandons their baby
To go looking for an iPad
A crazy person, yeah, maybe!!

Anything to say?

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