Operation 365 Poem: day 32…SJB: The Man of the Hour

SJB: The Man of the Hour

S tuart John Burgess
T he minecraft player
U nbelievably ate fish and chips
A s his wife was in agonizing labour
R est assured he was still timing
T he contractions with his phone

J ust as one was starting
O ver he rushed so she wasn’t alone
H owever his mouth was full
N ibbling away as he held her hand

B its of yummy swallowing down
U ttering “I completely understand”
R ight then and there she realized
G ood food was his mistress lover
‘E aven forbid ‘e don’t go ‘ungry!!
S illy me, please, ‘ave another!!
S tuart John Burgess, next time* YOU be the mother!

*next time? who are we kidding here? this does not act as any written guarantee of any such thing as a “next time”

Anything to say?

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