Operation 365 Poem: day 62…Go Combat

Go Combat

Lift your smile
Take in the air
Don’t shed a tear
For what’s not there

Look to the future
Forget the past
Don’t get stuck in the mud
Things don’t last

Everyone has a story
It’s never more or less
Everyone hurts
Life is a test

It’s filled with challenges
And hurdles to jump over
It’s our job to fight the fight
Separate the dreams to go for

It looks like its hard
And sometimes like what’s the point
Your body feels achy
You can’t move a joint

But you truly can
I promise you that
The support is behind you
Go combat! Stat!

Operation 365 Poem: day 61…Need


I need a clone
I need a clone of me

I need an assistant
I need an assistant to be
Me…1, 2, 3 GO!

I need a database
I need a database updating automatically
My ‘to do’s’ yo!

I need to multitask
I need to multitask as mummy
Right mothers out there…you know!

I need a timeless clock
I need a timeless clock you see
So life can be in slow mo

But still

I need us
I need us to be a three
Despite all the to and fro

Operation 365 Poem: day 60…Flip Side

Flip Side

In my eye

Ugh, sigh

Piled high

Stacks to the sky

Makes me
Want to cry

Says my brain, my adrenalin says ‘Why?’

Better be
Done by July

Not a joking matter. Bye

See ya
On the flip side!

Operation 365 Poem: day 59…Grown Up Daze

Grown Up Daze

For bedtime
I’m fine
No sleep
Not a peep
Since day before yesterday
Packing cra-zay
From Astoria
End of an era
Was nearer
Now further away
But here to stay

Operation 365 Poem: day 58…Rehearsal


Lying on the stage
Sneaking messages on my phone
Supposed to be “rehearsing”
In the corner on my own

Other things going on
All around and on top of me
Clearly I’m not focusing
Writing this…you see!

My scene is not up yet
Just watched a mouse run by
Hope he doesn’t get in my snacks
Yeah I’m that guy

The guy with nibbles in her bag
Everywhere I go
Although by the time I offer them around
There’s nothing left you know

Actor just got yelled at
Well actually he was told his singing was bad
Director didn’t know how to handle it
So now everyone is mad

But I’m just sitting in my spot
Mouth closed and eyes open
Waiting for my cue to jump in

Operation 365 Poem: day 57…No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain

What’s that saying
No pain no gain
Or is it no pain no game
Either way, it doesn’t explain

Am I supposed to feel pain
To get ahead in life
Has it led me to being a mother
Has it led me to being a wife

Or is it that pain now
Makes you better off for pain to come
That didn’t work with my 33 hour labour
That came after breaking my thumb

Nothing was as bad as that pain
That 33 hour childbirth hell
So I shouldn’t be complaining
Of a little blood on my hand, a little swell

So maybe the saying is right then
33 hour childbirth was the extreme
Now I should be able to handle everything
Every physical pain, I mean

But there’s emotional pain
Is that part of the saying too
I remember people telling me that
After my numerous heartbreaks that made me blue

I don’t know if I had to go through all that
Just to prepare for any future fall
No pain no gain…well game on
I better start punching the brick wall

Operation 365 Poem: day 56…Son Spiral

Son Spiral

Mama or Dada
Mummy or Daddy

I love you, not you
You are the baddy

Can I borrow cash
From the fun parent

The other one disciplines
Because of embezzlement

Can I stay out late
And go to a party

I got her pregnant
But I used protection, honestly

Running away to elope
I hope you approve

The wife, the baby, under our roof
I think it’s time you move

Retirement home brochures
Knocking at the door

Thank god we only had one child
And you wanted more!

Operation 365 Poem: day 55…Packing with Baby

Packing with Baby

Packing sucks
When you have a baby
You get through one box
Two, maybe

He wonders where you are
When you disappear
He thinks you’ve abandoned him
Even though you’re still near

Making sounds from the other room
Does not seem to help
He needs to physically see you
If not, out comes a yelp

Tears rolling down his face
How can you resist his look
How can you continue packing
When he pulls out every trick in the book

It’s countdown to the move
And I’m running out of time
I must overlook the cuteness
And pack little baby! I’m so behind!

Operation 365 Poem: day 54…I. Love. You.

I. Love. You.

Will you sing to me
When I am low
Will you blow me kisses
When I have to go

Will you buy me flowers
To put a smile on my face
Will you take the long journey
To sleep over at my place

Will you read my mind
When I can’t articulate
Will you talk me down
When I start to complicate

Will you bring me soup
When I have the flu
Will you run away
When I say Boo
I. Love. You.

Operation 365 Poem: day 53…Bigger Better Boo

Bigger Better Boo

One block high
But reach for the sky

Set your clock
But dance to the tick tock

Write it down
But shout it out to the town

Keep it safe
But believe in the power of faith

Tie the knot
But give it all you’ve got

Be a good sport
But remember life is too short