Operation 365 Poem: day 57…No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain

What’s that saying
No pain no gain
Or is it no pain no game
Either way, it doesn’t explain

Am I supposed to feel pain
To get ahead in life
Has it led me to being a mother
Has it led me to being a wife

Or is it that pain now
Makes you better off for pain to come
That didn’t work with my 33 hour labour
That came after breaking my thumb

Nothing was as bad as that pain
That 33 hour childbirth hell
So I shouldn’t be complaining
Of a little blood on my hand, a little swell

So maybe the saying is right then
33 hour childbirth was the extreme
Now I should be able to handle everything
Every physical pain, I mean

But there’s emotional pain
Is that part of the saying too
I remember people telling me that
After my numerous heartbreaks that made me blue

I don’t know if I had to go through all that
Just to prepare for any future fall
No pain no gain…well game on
I better start punching the brick wall

Anything to say?

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