Operation 365 Poem: day 55…Packing with Baby

Packing with Baby

Packing sucks
When you have a baby
You get through one box
Two, maybe

He wonders where you are
When you disappear
He thinks you’ve abandoned him
Even though you’re still near

Making sounds from the other room
Does not seem to help
He needs to physically see you
If not, out comes a yelp

Tears rolling down his face
How can you resist his look
How can you continue packing
When he pulls out every trick in the book

It’s countdown to the move
And I’m running out of time
I must overlook the cuteness
And pack little baby! I’m so behind!

Operation 365 Poem: day 54…I. Love. You.

I. Love. You.

Will you sing to me
When I am low
Will you blow me kisses
When I have to go

Will you buy me flowers
To put a smile on my face
Will you take the long journey
To sleep over at my place

Will you read my mind
When I can’t articulate
Will you talk me down
When I start to complicate

Will you bring me soup
When I have the flu
Will you run away
When I say Boo
I. Love. You.

Operation 365 Poem: day 53…Bigger Better Boo

Bigger Better Boo

One block high
But reach for the sky

Set your clock
But dance to the tick tock

Write it down
But shout it out to the town

Keep it safe
But believe in the power of faith

Tie the knot
But give it all you’ve got

Be a good sport
But remember life is too short

Operation 365 Poem: day 52…No Stalling

No Stalling

Run like you work out
Walk with no hint of doubt
Speak and don’t shout
Smile like you know what it’s about
Cry fully instead of pout
Drive the bumpy route
Drink up, there is no drought
Eat the entire trout

Just don’t stall
Is all

Operation 365 Poem: day 51…Tired


Sooooooo tired
Eyes so dry
Never awake
No matter how hard I try

Light sleeper
So doomed anyway
Regardless of the noises
Coming from the bab-ay

The answer is caffeine
Many cups of coffee
That last as long as I drink
Then it’s back to feeling wobbly

I need a beach
I need the sounds of the sea
Who am I kidding?
Nothing works for me 😦

Operation 365 Poem: day 50…Zero to Eighty

Zero to Eighty

Am I old enough
To be this adult?
Married, a son, an apartment
I’m in a catapult

So much swimming
Going on inside my head
One minute I’m alive
The next I’m dead

Life moves fast
It’s up to you to keep up
To raise your spirits
To remember life’s abrupt

Where are we going?
Do we know what’s at the end?
So many theories
So many gaps to mend

My legacy is empty
I must board the rushing train
Give something to the world
Always try, then try again

I know I’ll wake up eighty
And wonder where it went
I just hope when I look back
It was all time well spent

Operation 365 Poem: day 49…Wake Up

Wake Up

Wake up
No coffee
MTA inflated
At Starbucks
At Cosi
People nosy
My blackberry
Feel unwary
On the contrary
Too much
Lost touch
To such and such
Law clerk
Coffee finally
On break
Wake up
What’s up?