Operation 365 Poem: day 92…Starbucks Reality

Starbucks Reality

Listening in
Drinking coffee
Starbucks drama
Starbucks comedy

Everywhere you look
Another reactor
Another fight
Another actor

It’s amazing how
Actors talk talk talk
Is it because they want all to hear
So they squawk squawk squawk

Am I one of those
I hope I’m not
But tell me if I am
So I can be shot

No, I kid
I know I’m a drama queen
I just hope I’m more leveled
And don’t always make a scene

Ah Starbucks
It’s fun to sit and see
We should start a show
“Starbucks Reality”

Operation 365 Poem: day 91…Darkness


My heart aches
For something normal

I feel like everyone around
Is being too formal

We need a break
To solve the mystery

Spill the beans
Bring up the history

Don’t be afraid
To let it all go

Open the curtain
Let the emotions show

Because this darkness
This is not working

The silent looks
The undercover smirking

The elephant in the room
Just say it out loud

I’m not afraid
Make me proud

Operation 365 Poem: day 90…You Know

You Know

You know you’ve spent too much time on the loo
When you get pins and needles!

You know you’re married to a Brit
When he knows every song by The Beatles!

You know you’ve drank too much coffee
When you are peeing every 5 minutes!

You know you’ve drank too much booze
When you mistake water for Guinness!

You know you’re just plain lazy
When you can’t be bothered to chew the gum!

You know you’ve eaten too much food
When you look like you have a baby in your tum!

You know you need to shower
When you go out wearing a disguise!

You know you’re a good actor
When you start believing your own lies!

You know you’re a flirt
When you get texts from random men!

You know you’re too tired
When you doze off mid senten-

Operation 365 Poem: day 89…Compete


Gotta love running
At 7.45am
Trying to make the train
By dodging all of them

It’s amazing how people
Can dwindle side to side
Don’t they know it’s rush hour?
Walk like someone died!!

I’ve been told that I walk
Like I’m on a serious mission
It’s true – I could generate world heat
With my walking friction!

Especially when some peeps
Hear steps and try to compete
It makes me start to speed walk
Everyone I must beat!

Competitive much??!!
Even on stupid things that are boring
I must win! I must win!
Although it’s hard in the early morning

I was behind one woman til the end
When I swooped and overtook
With a last sprint on hearing a train
I must win! But I didn’t look

Turns out it was not my train
And I even had to wait a while
I looked over and there the woman was
Next to me, I swear, with a smile!

Operation 365 Poem: day 88…Loud


Open window
Morning noise
Not even 8am
National Grid boys

Men and their machines
Digging up the street
Waking everyone up
Getting us to our feet

Sleeping like a baby
Not ours for sure
Light sleeper like mummy
Noises like that he won’t ignore

Dig dig bang bang
Monitor blares cry cry
After another bad night
Coffee to get by

Too hot for no open window
Too loud when it is
I can’t win regardless
I’m not a sleeping whiz

Can’t imagine life when one kid becomes kidS!

Operation 365 Poem: day 87…Answer


Bright light
Starry night
Tell me your secret

Tree top
Bunny hop
The answer is immediate

Hey ho
A nonny and a no
The witch is finally dead

Cause for concern
Carpet burn
Which way at the fork ahead

Arm in arm
Do no harm
Saddle up and gallop apace

Stretch it out
Scream and shout
Leave without a trace

Operation 365 Poem: day 86…Transitioning


Back to the early days
Constant waking
Poor thing doesn’t know where he is
Newborn in the making

His eyes flitter back and forth
Looking for something recognizable
The room is new, its blue, its white
Its not like riding a bicycle

Something to look forward to
Still so many firsts to come
He genuinely does not know things
Therapy, money can’t achieve that numb

A simpler time, a simpler life
But still sleep is essential
I’m back to being a zombie
Although that’s my usual stencil

He was doing so well at self-soothing
Despite cries, moans in the night
He’d go back to sleep without rocking
But now he’s getting a fright

We haven’t gone anywhere
We’re just down the hall
Mummy is still awake when you peep
Daddy is just through that wall

Transitioning is hard
I know you can’t stay small forever
I know you need your own bedroom
I know as a mummy you sleep never

I was told the worry would not stop
I was told life would change when becoming a mother
One baby phase over, now onto the next I guess
And I’m supposed to have another???!!!

Operation 365 Poem: day 85…Left my Bedside

Left my Bedside

Not next to me
In his basket by my bed

No cries to soothe
With my hand on his chest and head

No peeking over
To check if he’s okay

No good morning smile
To brighten my day

He’s a big boy now
In his own cute room, his own cute cot

I get the monitor
That doesn’t give me a lot

No sleep for mummy
Now even worse than before

I can’t see him or feel him
So I’m up and down the corridor
Too many sounds I can’t ignore
From my little one that I adore

He keeps rolling over
So I need to roll him back

How can I sleep
If I have to keep doing that!

Operation 365 Poem: day 84…Bank It

Bank It

Bank accounts
Just took downhill spills
Day of buying
Paying bills

Watching money ooze
Makes me breathe deep
Will it ever come back
Will I ever get some to keep

I’ll find a way
For it to return
I always figure it out
No need for concern

Been a rough month
Homeowner and flights
And baby and everyday and
Reality bites

I’d say the bulk is done
But there’s one I’m dreading
Countdown until September
When we have to pay for our Greek wedding!!

Operation 365 Poem: day 83…Red Eye

Red Eye

In my

Can’t wink

Some droop

Till stage

Contacts. So.

Glass-age. Faster!

Club Med