Operation 365 Poem: day 86…Transitioning


Back to the early days
Constant waking
Poor thing doesn’t know where he is
Newborn in the making

His eyes flitter back and forth
Looking for something recognizable
The room is new, its blue, its white
Its not like riding a bicycle

Something to look forward to
Still so many firsts to come
He genuinely does not know things
Therapy, money can’t achieve that numb

A simpler time, a simpler life
But still sleep is essential
I’m back to being a zombie
Although that’s my usual stencil

He was doing so well at self-soothing
Despite cries, moans in the night
He’d go back to sleep without rocking
But now he’s getting a fright

We haven’t gone anywhere
We’re just down the hall
Mummy is still awake when you peep
Daddy is just through that wall

Transitioning is hard
I know you can’t stay small forever
I know you need your own bedroom
I know as a mummy you sleep never

I was told the worry would not stop
I was told life would change when becoming a mother
One baby phase over, now onto the next I guess
And I’m supposed to have another???!!!

Anything to say?

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