Operation 365 Poem: day 89…Compete


Gotta love running
At 7.45am
Trying to make the train
By dodging all of them

It’s amazing how people
Can dwindle side to side
Don’t they know it’s rush hour?
Walk like someone died!!

I’ve been told that I walk
Like I’m on a serious mission
It’s true – I could generate world heat
With my walking friction!

Especially when some peeps
Hear steps and try to compete
It makes me start to speed walk
Everyone I must beat!

Competitive much??!!
Even on stupid things that are boring
I must win! I must win!
Although it’s hard in the early morning

I was behind one woman til the end
When I swooped and overtook
With a last sprint on hearing a train
I must win! But I didn’t look

Turns out it was not my train
And I even had to wait a while
I looked over and there the woman was
Next to me, I swear, with a smile!

Anything to say?

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