Operation 365 Poem: day 124…Punch or Lunch

Punch or Lunch

Words are all that come to mind
When I want to punch
What if I was attacked at random
Would I invite them to lunch

Would I in the actual moment
Really have the guts to hit
The stuntman inside me says yes
He says I’m the karate kid

Its one thing to say I can
Its another to see if I would
I guess I need an incident
Although wishing that isn’t good

So how do I test this out
If Mrs. Too Nice turns into Mrs. Fight
I often claim I can do things
But this time I want to be right!

Operation 365 Poem: day 123…Extreme


Causes irritation
That leads to eradication
With of course “justification”

Your partner feels elation
You, just frustration
You’re mad at the whole nation
For your limitation

The key is moderation
But since when were you of that variation
Recourse of action: eat only veggie-tation
Or just plain termination

Extreme is my specialization

Operation 365 Poem: day 122…Why, Baby

Why, Baby

My boy
My little baby
You make your mamma smile

Why cry
Why shed a tear
Because you haven’t in a while?

My darling
My little angel
I’ll watch whatever you do

Why moan
Why make a pout
I’m telling you there’s no need to

My cherub
My little sunshine
I’m just in the other room

Why panic
Why think I’ve left you
You’ve been forever mine since the womb

Operation 365 Poem: day 121…Teach Me

Teach Me

Teach me
Teach me how to be

Teach me
Teach me not to only see

Teach me
Teach me how not to plea


Teach me
Teach me the key

Operation 365 Poem: day 120…Five Weeks

Five Weeks

Time is passing by
Five weeks to go
Have a lot to get done
As well as perform in a show

On the office front
Need to train a newbie
Also show apartments
To fill when they are empty

Figure out 3 months of things
And how to fit in a suitcase
Tidy, clean, finish items
And people our place

Not to mention
Figuring out our wedding
And baby baptism
That needs continuous planning

Time to revert back
To some of my old 365
To do things on the move
To increase the fitness drive

To keep up with the lists
And basically survive

Yes, that’s the goal…
To stay alive!

Operation 365 Poem: day 119…Diner Me

Diner Me

Eggs over medium
Turkey bacon
Toast on the side
Fat in the making

Home fries and coffee
Full fat dairy
Brunch special price
Includes a Bloody Mary

There’s nothing quite like
A good ol’ diner
Portion size humongo
Only in America!

Operation 365 Poem: day 118…Yikes


Stay in line

Being a retard

Can I meow?

Or chipmunk!

Operation 365 Poem: day 117…Wine and Baby

Wine and Baby

What do you do
When you need to go drink?
Take your baby with you
That’s the answer I think!

Friend is in town
Sushi place with free wine
Always on the agenda
Always a drunken place we dine

Why change now?
Change would be unfair
Solution is bring baby
Me = drink, Baby = stare
From his highchair!
At 7 months he must prepare!

Operation 365 Poem: day 116…Stolen


Take that plunge
Out in the wild
Search for your soul
Search for your child

It’s life or death to live
Strike when you feel a blow
No matter if you can’t see
If its someone you know

You’re fighting through tears
You’re fighting for your son
Rip them to shreds
Let them know who’s won

The rain is pouring down
But nothing will stand in your way
Take what falls before you
You are not there to stay

Feel the sweat drip
Feel your heartbeat pound
Show them you won’t stop
Until your baby is found

Operation 365 Poem: day 115…Fly Away Little Bird

Fly Away Little Bird

Fly away little bird
Don’t look back
Find the crowd ahead
Fly into the black

Fly away little bird
We’ll be waving below
Don’t get left behind
We’ll miss you when you go

Fly away little bird
You need to stay with family
If you stay with us
You won’t live as happily

Fly away little bird
I know its hard right now
I promise it’ll get easier
Don’t question the how

Fly away little bird
No crying, no fuss
We’ll be here for life
You can always visit us