Operation 365 Poem: day 117…Wine and Baby

Wine and Baby

What do you do
When you need to go drink?
Take your baby with you
That’s the answer I think!

Friend is in town
Sushi place with free wine
Always on the agenda
Always a drunken place we dine

Why change now?
Change would be unfair
Solution is bring baby
Me = drink, Baby = stare
From his highchair!
At 7 months he must prepare!

Operation 365 Poem: day 116…Stolen


Take that plunge
Out in the wild
Search for your soul
Search for your child

It’s life or death to live
Strike when you feel a blow
No matter if you can’t see
If its someone you know

You’re fighting through tears
You’re fighting for your son
Rip them to shreds
Let them know who’s won

The rain is pouring down
But nothing will stand in your way
Take what falls before you
You are not there to stay

Feel the sweat drip
Feel your heartbeat pound
Show them you won’t stop
Until your baby is found

Operation 365 Poem: day 115…Fly Away Little Bird

Fly Away Little Bird

Fly away little bird
Don’t look back
Find the crowd ahead
Fly into the black

Fly away little bird
We’ll be waving below
Don’t get left behind
We’ll miss you when you go

Fly away little bird
You need to stay with family
If you stay with us
You won’t live as happily

Fly away little bird
I know its hard right now
I promise it’ll get easier
Don’t question the how

Fly away little bird
No crying, no fuss
We’ll be here for life
You can always visit us

Operation 365 Poem: day 114…Hot May

Hot May

The month of May
Is that considered summertime?
Certainly feels like it
Sweating like I did a mountain climb

Our apartment’s hot
So thought it could be just that
Or that motherhood brought hot flashes
Or that I’m just plain ol’ fat

But then I looked online
And saw its 86 degrees!
Thought we had some months still
I need those months. Please!

This happened last year
When I was big and preggo
Summer again came early
While on my 365 psycho

I usually leave for summer
So avoid when it gets sticky
And just hear tales of how bad it gets
And how humid in NYC

Nope, I guess I’m unlucky again
It keeps happening when I’m a whale
6 weeks to go till my flight
I may need a daily cocktail!

Operation 365 Poem: day 113…NYC


Train delay
No coffee on way
Had to speed it
Super humid
Woman vulgarly reached to adjust
Her crotch and then her bust
When she crossed the street
I got a look that was far from sweet
Homeless man asleep in a box
You could smell him from down the block
Last week they forgot to call me
So I missed all the choreography
Crazy catch up rehearsal tonight
Learn this, sing this, dance that…out near midnight
Weird lady speaking out loud on train
Another homeless smell opposite again
Too hot dying of thirst
Had to stop at deli to get seltzer first
And there encountered a weird flirty guy
Who kept saying “Sorry” as I passed him by
Slept after two, up since five
Home now so I did survive
Long dirty day full of nitty gritty
But I guess that’s the norm in NYC!!!

Operation 365 Poem: day 112…Five Year Anniversary

Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago today
I was acting in a play

Stuart coincidentally was doing the lighting
But we never met amid my memorizing

After we went out to the bar
And had, of course, lots of tequila(r)

And as I was heading out
I heard a British accent shout

I stopped, turned, and said hello
And TA-DAH before you know

Five years have suddenly passed us by
And I married that lighting British bar guy

And we have ourselves a little tyke
That all spiraled down from that very night

May 19th, 2008
Who knew I’d find my soulmate 🙂

Operation 365 Poem: day 111…Sick on Set

Sick on Set

Feeling like hell
Oh well
Snort it out
Get ready to shout

Film shoot at four
At the office before
No time for rest
Not looking my best

What can I do
Just remember my cue
Come on blazing
And hope they’ll be praising

Not yelling “cut”
And things like “what??”
Lets not get fired
I want to be re-hired

Maybe I can use I’m sick
And really run with it
Use it in my character
After all, I am an actor

I can make her whoever
And if I’m super clever
I can even try to make the writer think
That he wrote her sick from the beginning!