Operation 365 Poem: day 154…No Booze

No Booze

No booze
Makes you feel strong

No booze
Lets you live long

No booze
Means no hangover

No booze
Energizes you like Sharipova

No booze
Means no drunk texts

No booze
Leaves your memory unperplexed

No booze
Provides more money in your pocket

No booze
Allows (technically) sex to sky rocket

No booze
Means no 4am truffle brie fries

No booze
Eliminates no flirting with guys

No booze
Translates my fun level to = null

No booze
Is a load of bull!

Operation 365 Poem: day 153…Gay Pride

Gay Pride

When is too gay…well…too gay??
I know right, shocking! What did I just say?!

Its probably taboo to say that out loud
Especially today when it’s encouraged to be proud

But that’s what I mean and want them to do
Stand proud, feel good, be cute, but be you

Its not that I’m homophobic, not one bit
I believe in love, no matter what sex I’m with

Just walking home from my play late every night
I pass all kinds of actions and hear things that don’t seem right

They don’t feel real and frankly it’s a little insulting
Its almost like gay is fashionable and so their gayness is too jolting

They don’t have to prove themselves to anyone these days
They don’t have to fake it and be shocking in all these ways

I guess I feel like sometimes it’s too much and it’s just obviously fake
And it makes me want to say – its okay be yourself – for all my gay friends sake

Operation 365 Poem: day 152…Weather to Leave in

Weather to Leave in

Weather says storms
Weather says rain
Of course it does
Right before I leave again

I’m surprised it’s only saying that
And not something like snow
Its not impossible
To have snow in July you know

The weather knows I have to go
That I have a plane, or two, to make
With a baby, appointments on arrival
That there’s a lot at stake

Once again it’s out to get me
Although they say rain is a blessing
Its “good luck”…apparently
So it’ll rain on departure, and at our wedding

It poured at our NYC wedding
And at our celebratory event in the UK
So trust our “good luck” it will rain at our Greek wedding
And when I leave to plan for that Tuesday!

Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain every day!
I don’t believe you Weather Man…okay?!

Operation 365 Poem: day 151…Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Whoever says they have time
They are lying to you
The clock works for no one
And there’s nothing you can do

There’s no magic clock wand
That can make it stand still
While you finish everything
Then start it up again at will

There’s no pause button
Or fast forward or rewind
You may think the world works for you
But it’s all in your mind

Sometimes time feels kind
Sometimes you feel you got this
It’s an illusion I’m telling you
But enjoy the momentary bliss

It’s not just the small tasks
The clock also attacks long term
Things that get put off
When re-visited are gone you learn

The lists will never go down
So set your tick tock pace
You may think you have a lifetime
Just remember it’s one long race

Operation 365 Poem: day 150…Short


Short as a stout
Trousers drag the floor
White turns to black
Hem caught in the door

Don’t mind me
I’m only five foot two
Useful for sneaking up
And frightening with a Boo

Easily stepped on
Easily lost below
The population sees the horizon
Until I say Hello

Too bad I’m not quiet
I make up for being petite
I can yell like the rest of them
Just don’t stand on my feet!

Operation 365 Poem: day 149…Tallyho Zoe!

Tallyho Zoe!

What does heat bring?
Does this stop Zoe doing ridiculous things?
Not yet

Why does Zoe always work by challenges?
What does she wish and long to be?

Who wears three layers in 90 degrees?
What would she like her clothes to look like instead?

What does Zoe drink none of, regardless of weather?
What will she say to that – like mother…
Like daughter

Can she justify everything she does?
She can
What is Zoe’s answer to everything anyway?
To tan

Is there then any point in trying to talk sense into her?
What is better to say to Zoe instead?

Operation 365 Poem: day 148…You?


Don’t you love it when you look
And look, then look some more
You know this person
You’ve seen them before

But you just don’t know where
Or how, or even when
So you can’t help but stare
You know you’ve met them

It’s on the tip of your tongue
Or that same sensation
Like a mental block
Waiting for a realization

It’s even more real
When they start to look at you that way too
You can’t go over and wing it
So what exactly do you do?

You either shift gears
Pretend you’re zoning, and start to ignore
Or you act like this is your stop
And make a mad dash out of the subway door!