Operation 365 Poem: day 147…Phrases


No time like the present
Is all they ever say
Is that supposed to motivate me
Like go on and seize the day

Who came up with these sayings
Who actually thought they’d work
I bet they all came out of drinking
But of course were coined by the sober jerk

There seems to be a phrase for everything
Anything and everything you do
And everyone seems to know them
And readily dish them out to you

It doesn’t help to hear a phrase
In fact it kind of makes it worse
Especially when you’re in whatever you’re in
And somebody recites something to you in verse

When I think of all the phrases
I know and have been told
No matter how true they end up being
It makes my blood run cold

Just leave me, or whoever, to go through it
And step the hell back
Whisper even one “encouraging” phrase
And I swear, you’ll get a smack!

Operation 365 Poem: day 146…Run Not Walk

Run Not Walk

The mind thinks
The hand shakes
The eyes squint
The smile fakes

When is the moment
To walk away
To please the other
A duty pay

Create an excuse
Or use what I have
No need to lie
Plenty to grab

I don’t walk, I run
I never have time
Something to use
This truth is fine

Head nod
Must conceal
To my next appointment
Fake smile turns real

It is true though
Lots to do
Can’t stay to chat
I’m busy…(phew)

There is joy I see
In never being free
I long to walk not run
But today – it makes me happy!

Operation 365 Poem: day 145…Sleep My Angel

Sleep My Angel

Arm stuck
But so worth it
A sleeping angel
Curled and perfect

Restless morning
Took him to bed with me
After much tossing and turning
Finally he got sleepy

With his head
Up next to mine
And his arms
And my arms entwined

He wanted to be close
Cuddled in tight
Sleep my beautiful angel
Good Night!

Operation 365 Poem: day 144…How Nice

How Nice

How nice to see
People like me
Who show courtesy
To the elderly

How nice to hear
A wedding date is near
The groom cutely showing fear
As he speaks to the piece in his ear

How nice to sniff
That fresh baked whiff
As I walk and drift
Towards my work day cliff

How nice to taste
Something without haste
To really savour and embrace
To set my own pace

How nice to touch
Something soft to clutch
Some silk, a man, or such
Do I speak too much?

Operation 365 Poem: day 143…How Can You Resist

How Can You Resist

How can you resist
That little cute face
Even when he’s got you
Running all over the place

Even when he throws things
Off the shelves to the floor
Even when you’ve finished playing
And he wants more and more

Even when he radiates
A wonderful diaper stink
Even when you try to put him to sleep
And all he does is stare and not blink

Even when you’ve tidied
And he immediately makes a mess
How can you resist that cute little face
How can you not say yes!

Operation 365 Poem: day 142…Beach Chill

Beach Chill

Feel the wind
Upon your face
Huddle together
Just in case

See the waves
Crashing down
Enjoy the feeling
Of no one around

Wander in
Let the water enclose
Run about the sand
Feel it between your toes

Send your love
To the faded moon
Out to sea they know
You’ll be home soon

Operation 365 Poem: day 141…Impatience


I can be patient with everyone
There is nothing they can do
I don’t dislike anybody
Even if they make me feel blue

I can be patient with everything
That happens naturally
That filters down through the world
And directly affects me

I know people have bad days
I know life is unfair
And patience can be a challenge
And at times hard to bare

But all that is normal
And something I can take
This can mean I can get walked all over
But I know that is not my mistake

I can clearly put up with a lot
A trait I’ve had since way back when
The only question left to ask is
Why can’t I be as patient with myself then