Operation 365 Poem: day 216…Doggy


Dog sleeping
By the ATM
In the shade
Away from the men

Up you go
To take money out
A cute look at doggy
No men about

A sudden jolt
The men are back
Shouting to leave
Throwing a whack

Poor little doggy
Trying to rest
Stupid grumpy men
Now the doggy is depressed 😦

Operation 365 Poem: day 215…Ummmmms


Never comes

Twiddling thumbs

Sitting on their bums

Bleeding gums

To push
To feed hungry tums

Drink up
It helps. It numbs

Operation 365 Poem: day 214…Another. More. Less.

Another. More. Less.

Another birthday
Another age
Another year
Another phase

More weight
More grey hairs
More wrinkles
More cares

But less time
Less reason not to party
Less censorship
Unless of course, you’re an Old Farty!

Operation 365 Poem: day 213…Through the Crack

Through the Crack

Through the crack
Straight down
One minute in baby’s hands
The next minute, on the ground

Not even on the ground
Through the wooden slit
It’s a wonder that it got through
A crack where knuckles won’t fit

Believe me I tried
To contort my fingers so
To try and push my hand through
But there was no way it would go

They tried using twisted metal
They tried a BBQ prong
I even brought spatulas
It’s right there, below, but too far gone

I thought that’s what I get
I was ready to give up
I mean, I was the one who gave baby the iPod
And it falling through is my bad luck

The owners of the beach bar
They cut the wood with a guy they knew
Generous and amazing won’t happen again
Baby, no more iPod for you!

Operation 365 Poem: day 212…Ol’ Me Beach

Ol’ Me Beach

Four bags to carry and a tent
Would normally be two each
But just little ol’ me
Here we go…to the beach!

Get on board!
Not sure who I’m speaking to
Since its just little ol’ me
And in my front carrier the Boo

My moped is amazing
It allows for everything on it
Even if its just little ol’ me
More incentive to make it all fit!

Made it there
Now to re-pack it all
Lots of looks at little ol’ me
I am tough despite being small!

Supermum here!
I’m even getting tanned!
But yeah, little ol’ me
Welcomes anyone’s helping hand 🙂

Operation 365 Poem: day 211…Breeze


Time passes
The wind blows a breeze
Waking our souls
Shaking our trees
Can we grow taller?
Can we re-grow our leaves?
Do we have to pray
Down on our knees?

Learn when you can
People grow old
Stories get passed down
Or so I’ve been told
Who’s dealing the cards?
Who knows what will unfold?
Wrap up on this journey
It’s supposed to get cold

And remember

Find a way
To never say

Operation 365 Poem: day 210…Me For Me

Me For Me

How blue is the sea
That looks down upon she
Hold your breath
Until nothing is left
And drift ashore
Like you’ve done before
Lying still on the beach
No lesson to teach
No lesson to learn
No one ever has concern
Maybe one day they will
Prior to my kill
By my own hand
Cue my one man band
Tiny violins play
But not without pay
Out from my purse
I can’t break the curse
Someone please set me free
I just need someone to love me for me