Operation 365 Poem: day 246…ROFL TBT IRL FWIW LOL


Right now
At how ridic
I am
And can be

I’m always
At myself

Others prob
Don’t find my ridic

I think
My son would
If he only understood me!

Operation 365 Poem: day 245…Meld


There is something in the air
Something fresh
Something unparalleled

It excites the friction
Excites the knowledge
Excitement propelled

Don’t get in the way
Get in line
Let it swell

Fight the brick wall
Fight to experience it
I feel compelled

Operation 365 Poem: day 244…Mother and An Ode from P

Mother and An Ode from P

I am a mother
Not only a mother
But to a one year old

Very odd
Very strange
That I’m a mother
For eternity

My little boy
Turned one
At 9.33am
On the dot

Happy times
As I look over
At him sleeping
In his cot

I can’t believe
He’s mine to keep
And ever

Daunting really
Denial right?
Will I get it…?
Methinks. Never

But many peeps
Wrote to you
To show their love

Happy birthday
My darling angel
My little winged
Beautiful dove

An ode to you
See above
(Or below)
(Mummy drinking??? NO!!)

Here is a birthday poem to my little prince
You are as cute as a peach or a plum or a quince
What a joyous occasion to be celebrating your first year
I wish I could join you in person, my dear
Your mom and dad are great at throwing parties– I know this first hand
With their jokes and their drinks, the room they command

You arrived to the world in the most dramatic of fashions
Like your mother, of course, who is full of vigor and passion
Your dad, most laid back, is your mom’s perfect foil
And you, their firstborn, are the rain to their soil

I can’t wait to hang when you’re back in the city
We’ll dance and we’ll bounce and I’ll sing you a ditty
Perhaps a song about lambs or stars that will twinkle
Let’s hang out ’til you’ve grown, ’til I’m covered in wrinkles

I also can’t wait to see what you’ll make of this world
I’m here for guidance and laughter and advice about girls
I love all the love you’ve brought to us all
When you’re older, we’ll dance on the Rendez Vous wall
By then you’ll be too cool for your old aunt Miss P
If you need to run away, you’ll always have a house to flee
In Brooklyn, not Greece, which ain’t far from Queens
On the G train and E train, the land of hipsters and dreams

Stick with me kid, I’ll show you all the life hacks
And how to play tavli and Twister and ‘Nanas and jacks
You’re already a jetsetter with passports near and far
By now you’ve traveled by plane, by boat, and by car

I’m still sad that I missed the day you were born
33 hours and 1 year later, our lives you adorn
It’s been a treat to see you grow from a peanut to boy
Larry Byrd, little bird, you have brought your (American) godmother much joy

I love you. Happy happy, Alexaki. Love Paloma xxx

Operation 365 Poem: day 243…One Year Ago

One Year Ago

End of the zero’s
He’s soon to be one
A whole year has passed
Where has it gone?

One year ago
My waters broke slowly overnight
Gives me the heebie jeebies
Makes my chest go tight

Thirty three hours later
Out came our cutie
I have to remember he is a cutie
To battle feelings that are heavy duty

Tomorrow I can say
I have a one year old son
Holy Moly Guacamole!
Anxiety is on rerun
Who said one forgets the labour??!!
Because that was SUPER fun!!!!
And to answer everyone…
In my oven
There will be no other bun

Until I pass the stun.

Operation 365 Poem: day 242…Greece to UK

Greece to UK

Piles and bags
Strewn across the floor
Leaving Greece
With things we came with plus more

I don’t know how it all fit
But I’m trying to do it fast
I want to catch the sun
And make every moment last

It’s always a sad feeling
When I depart what I call home
Saying goodbye to family
With a return date unknown

So much has happened this trip
Too much to even digest
I know when I get on that plane
I will have a tight chest

I guess this round
I am only flying to the UK
The big trip isn’t over yet
Until we complete this stay

But my heart belongs here
So when I see it fade from the plane
I fight every emotion that tries to rise
And just dream of when I can be back again

Operation 365 Poem: day 241…Old


There is no one who knows
All the secrets I hold
Deep in my pocket
Never unwrapped or unrolled
I am here with my ear
To listen to the untold
And keep it close by
To warm me when cold
I want to help you
Encourage the bold
Let’s sit together
And watch life unfold

Operation 365 Poem: day 240…Paloma


There’s someone
Who demanded a poem
Dedicated just to her

Truth is
She deserves much more
Than a few stupid words

She’s the one
Who’s been there
Helping me out of the blur

By my side
Through thick and thin
As a super-girl

I love her
More than she’ll ever know
She’s Ma Peep as it were

I miss her
When I’m not around
With our causing quite the stir šŸ™‚

There’s nothing like
A night out
With her and of course liqueur!

No, there’s nothing better
Really, nothing better
Than the amazing Paloma xxx

Operation 365 Poem: day 239…Stat


Put your shades on
Find a way to spice up the night
Dance until the sun comes up
Dance until your muscles get tight

Pull out the big guns
Fire away the moves
Bring out the winning routine
The Greeko Aussie grooves

All I need is the booze
Keep the shots a flowing
Keep the music a pumping
And the strobe light a glowing

Actually who am I kidding
I don’t need any of that
Just play me a beat Sam
So I can dance stat!

Operation 365 Poem: day 238…Should Be Fun

Should Be Fun

Sip some wine
On a rainy day in May
Frighten the shadows
Make the shivers go away

Nail on the coffin
Hear the knocking echo loud
Surrounded by yourself
No single clap from the crowd

Hope you can live with it
And the decisions you have made
Why are you here right now?
Why have you stayed?

There’s nothing more
To be said or to be done
Just make sure to enjoy what’s left
Remember life should be fun

Operation 365 Poem: day 237…Beep It

Beep It




Right peeps?
Right creepy?
Beep it