Operation 365 Poem: day 242…Greece to UK

Greece to UK

Piles and bags
Strewn across the floor
Leaving Greece
With things we came with plus more

I don’t know how it all fit
But I’m trying to do it fast
I want to catch the sun
And make every moment last

It’s always a sad feeling
When I depart what I call home
Saying goodbye to family
With a return date unknown

So much has happened this trip
Too much to even digest
I know when I get on that plane
I will have a tight chest

I guess this round
I am only flying to the UK
The big trip isn’t over yet
Until we complete this stay

But my heart belongs here
So when I see it fade from the plane
I fight every emotion that tries to rise
And just dream of when I can be back again

Anything to say?

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