Operation 365 Poem: day 244…Mother and An Ode from P

Mother and An Ode from P

I am a mother
Not only a mother
But to a one year old

Very odd
Very strange
That I’m a mother
For eternity

My little boy
Turned one
At 9.33am
On the dot

Happy times
As I look over
At him sleeping
In his cot

I can’t believe
He’s mine to keep
And ever

Daunting really
Denial right?
Will I get it…?
Methinks. Never

But many peeps
Wrote to you
To show their love

Happy birthday
My darling angel
My little winged
Beautiful dove

An ode to you
See above
(Or below)
(Mummy drinking??? NO!!)

Here is a birthday poem to my little prince
You are as cute as a peach or a plum or a quince
What a joyous occasion to be celebrating your first year
I wish I could join you in person, my dear
Your mom and dad are great at throwing parties– I know this first hand
With their jokes and their drinks, the room they command

You arrived to the world in the most dramatic of fashions
Like your mother, of course, who is full of vigor and passion
Your dad, most laid back, is your mom’s perfect foil
And you, their firstborn, are the rain to their soil

I can’t wait to hang when you’re back in the city
We’ll dance and we’ll bounce and I’ll sing you a ditty
Perhaps a song about lambs or stars that will twinkle
Let’s hang out ’til you’ve grown, ’til I’m covered in wrinkles

I also can’t wait to see what you’ll make of this world
I’m here for guidance and laughter and advice about girls
I love all the love you’ve brought to us all
When you’re older, we’ll dance on the Rendez Vous wall
By then you’ll be too cool for your old aunt Miss P
If you need to run away, you’ll always have a house to flee
In Brooklyn, not Greece, which ain’t far from Queens
On the G train and E train, the land of hipsters and dreams

Stick with me kid, I’ll show you all the life hacks
And how to play tavli and Twister and ‘Nanas and jacks
You’re already a jetsetter with passports near and far
By now you’ve traveled by plane, by boat, and by car

I’m still sad that I missed the day you were born
33 hours and 1 year later, our lives you adorn
It’s been a treat to see you grow from a peanut to boy
Larry Byrd, little bird, you have brought your (American) godmother much joy

I love you. Happy happy, Alexaki. Love Paloma xxx

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