Operation 365 Poem: day 277…I’ve Fled

I’ve Fled

The horn beeps
It’s something familiar
I walk home instead
Choosing the nonlinear

Getting lost in the streets
Looking in windows as I pass
Proving a point by walking
Mentally rewarded at last

If only I had checked
By turning back my head
I would have seen a different car
And perhaps not have fled

No mobile to text
No way to even know if I’m missed
Stranded in a suburb
Now I’m super pissed

Operation 365 Poem: day 276…Αγαπι Μου

Αγαπι Μου

Αγαπι μου

Αγαπι μου
Έχουμε λεπτά

Αγαπι μου
Δεν χριαζουμε λεφτά

Αγαπι μου
Κάθε μέρα σε δίνω φιλάκια

Αγαπι μου
Σ’αγαπαω με τα προβλήματα

Αγαπι μου
Θα σε θέλω για πάντα


Πεζ μου…

Υιατι, Αγαπι μου
Έχεισ μαύρα μάτια?

Operation 365 Poem: day 275…Blood Clot

Blood Clot

I trust you
I trust you not?

Do you trust me?
Or does that mean squat?

I want answers
You ask for what?

Are you being serious?
Is that all you’ve got?

Why don’t you trust me?
I forgave a lot

Remember who’s to blame?
Or have you already forgot?

I still love you
I love you not?

Do you love me?
Or is this a blood clot?

Operation 365 Poem: day 274…You Ain’t Nothing

You Ain’t Nothing

You ain’t nothing
When you win something

You ain’t nothing
When you scream everything

You ain’t nothing
When you demand anything

You ain’t nothing
When you believe one thing

You’re a champion

Operation 365 Poem: day 273…L Me

L Me

Make me
Take me
Hate me
Date me
Blame me
Tame me
Nail me
Derail me
Oil me
Uncoil me
Roll me
Control me
Hold me
Unfold me
Unglove me
Love me

Love you

Operation 365 Poem: day 272…Randall’s Island 5K

Randall’s Island 5K

Freezing out
Shaking my head
Why am I doing this?
Why am I not still in bed?

I am not a runner
In fact I don’t really like it
Especially on the treadmill
When you don’t move one bit

It’s for a good cause
Or rather free beer at the end
I guess then I’ll take part
For the charity (of course), I’ll attend

I’ve only ever done one running race
Two years ago today
With the same people
Doing this same 5K

I tried to do a test run
At the gym this past week
Bad time. Out of breath. Dying
I was a failure of an athletic Greek!

Low and behold though
Finished and surpassed my personal best!
No idea how that happened
Think the testing mechanism needs to be reassessed!!

(no really…organizers – check – before I’m fully impressed!)

Operation 365 Poem: day 271…Look Sad(ly)

Look Sad(ly)

I didn’t mean to hurt you
I didn’t mean to make you worry
All I can say
All night and all day
Is I am really very sorry

I truly paid the price
The hangover was gory
No sleep no
Baby in tow
I understand if you want to ignore me

Let me know how I can fix this
I’ll really do whatever and gladly
Big or small
Anything at all
I just want you to no longer look sad(ly)

Operation 365 Poem: day 270…Step On

Step On

Been a while
Stepping on that scale
Too anxious to look down
To get my F for Fail

Curiosity arises
To see what the number will be
Will it match what’s in my head
And force me to the gym daily

Or will it be below
Nah, there’s no way of that
I can see me in the mirror
I can see the wobbly fat

Been a while
Stepping on I despise
Ugh, whatever, blah blah blah
Not sure why I bother when I know this scale lies!!

Operation 365 Poem: day 269…Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash



Operation 365 Poem: day 268…Riding the Subway

Riding the Subway

Riding the subway
The good ol’ familiar train
But somehow it feels different
Somehow it’s not the same

I know time doesn’t stop
I know we just continue to grow
And I’ve been gone longer than I was now
I only rode the subway three and a half months ago

So what has changed?
What is bugging me?
Is it the resemblance of life moving fast?
But when has it ever moved slowly?

People getting on and off
People coming and going
I want to be inside their heads
And know what they are knowing

Perhaps it can help me figure out
Something. Anything. Everything.
Why I feel this claustrophobia
Why my ears are ringing

Or maybe I should just give in
And let the train lull me away
Fall asleep until the end of the line
So I can deal with all this another day