Operation 365 Poem: day 272…Randall’s Island 5K

Randall’s Island 5K

Freezing out
Shaking my head
Why am I doing this?
Why am I not still in bed?

I am not a runner
In fact I don’t really like it
Especially on the treadmill
When you don’t move one bit

It’s for a good cause
Or rather free beer at the end
I guess then I’ll take part
For the charity (of course), I’ll attend

I’ve only ever done one running race
Two years ago today
With the same people
Doing this same 5K

I tried to do a test run
At the gym this past week
Bad time. Out of breath. Dying
I was a failure of an athletic Greek!

Low and behold though
Finished and surpassed my personal best!
No idea how that happened
Think the testing mechanism needs to be reassessed!!

(no really…organizers – check – before I’m fully impressed!)

Anything to say?

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