Operation 365 Poem: day 307…The Opposite Sex

The Opposite Sex

I can’t fight
The need to be
Engulfed by magic

I feel the music
I pulsate the beat
I carry it in my walk
It rises from my feet

It’s mother nature
That looks down
Tells me to smile again
That it’s allowed

To throw back my head
Remove my shawl
Feel my spine lengthen
To six feet tall

My old self emerges
Excitement by what’s next
I have returned with the power
Over the opposite sex

Operation 365 Poem: day 306…One More

One More

One more
One more bite

One more
One more dark night

One more
One more kiss

One more
One more to dismiss

One more
One more shove

One more
One more I love (you)

One more
One more priest

One more
One more at least

One more
One more phew

One more
One more…or…two?

Operation 365 Poem: day 305…Eating Machine

Eating Machine

I can’t see my toes
Past my tummy
Nope, not a baby
A belly full of yummy

I officially ate
The whole friggin house
Name it, I ate it
I may have eaten my spouse

Next will be my son
Cute, small and tasty
I’m an eating machine
Run for your safety

Three minutes to go
Until it’s midnight
Is that when the eating is over?

Operation 365 Poem: day 304…Unfurl Girl

Unfurl Girl

Extreme girl
Creating a
Crazy world
Illuminated and
Dressed to twirl
Nervously she
Twists her curl
Breathing and
Trying not to whirl

Operation 365 Poem: day 303…Side to Side

Side to Side

Like a ball
You can bounce
Back and forth

Throw it hard
Down south
Returns up north

Never staying
In one place
For long enough

Feeling dizzy
Tennis match
Stopping’s tough

Only rest
If neutral
If I don’t hide

Until then
Wearing thin
Bouncing side to side

Operation 365 Poem: day 302…Sent by an Angel

Sent by an Angel

I was sent by an angel
To lighten up lives
To bring smiles to the grandparents
To bring joy to husbands and wives

I was sent by an angel
To be the strength that they need
To be the courage to move forward
To empower those to take lead

I was sent by an angel
To lift their chins when they’re down
To take their hands and grip tight
To pick their souls off the ground

I was sent by an angel
To tell them nothing is wrong
To reassure all choices are right
To reassure them they do belong

I was sent by an angel
To just be by their side
To fuel them with love
To ease the pain of this ride

I was sent by an angel
To lighten. And I will
To bring smiles and not frowns
To bring joy…back…to enjoy life still

Operation 365 Poem: day 301…The Moth

The Moth

Someone’s coming a-knocking
I saw the moth fly in
Whether you believe in that or not
You better be ready for him

Put out the good china
Change the sheets on the bed
Primp, and press, and shine
Ignore the little devil in your head

Enjoy this feeling while it lasts
This warmth the outside seems to lack
As we don’t know how long he’s staying
Or if he’ll ever come back

You just better be ready
The doorbell will ring any minute
And then there’s no eyes but forward
So you better be in it to win it

Operation 365 Poem: day 300…Life is Too Short

Life is Too Short

A split second
Death beckoned
It nodded its head
I ignored it instead
I chose to breathe
I chose to believe
I trusted I was strong
Living is where I belong
It’s not my time
Death, I’m fine
I’m here because I fought
Life is too short

Operation 365 Poem: day 299…Underneath


Who do I write these for?
Who is reading?
How do I pick the topic?
Is there any meaning?
Does it confirm or deny?
Does it describe a true feeling?
Why do I do this?
Are my words misleading?
Am I hurting anyone?
Or trying to be too pleasing?
Are they child friendly?
Or should I use bleeping?
Should I even be publishing?
Or pack them away for safekeeping?
Are these my last words?
Am I disappearing?

Operation 365 Poem: day 298…Back


Back on the train
Off to rehearsal
Routine starts again

While I was gone
I got nothing done
I replied to no one

I’m super behind
And I already was
From Greek wedding time

I need to face reality
Take care of the To-Do’s
Multi-tasking is my speciality

Of course I want to be
Back in the sun
Tanning in Hawaii

I left everything until now
“…after the honeymoon…”
Quite an accumulated list, wow!

I always said I can do it all
Just feeling overwhelmed
And very, very small

Let’s do what I do best
Let the cold snap me back
Life is always a test