Operation 365 Poem: day 300…Life is Too Short

Life is Too Short

A split second
Death beckoned
It nodded its head
I ignored it instead
I chose to breathe
I chose to believe
I trusted I was strong
Living is where I belong
It’s not my time
Death, I’m fine
I’m here because I fought
Life is too short

Operation 365 Poem: day 299…Underneath


Who do I write these for?
Who is reading?
How do I pick the topic?
Is there any meaning?
Does it confirm or deny?
Does it describe a true feeling?
Why do I do this?
Are my words misleading?
Am I hurting anyone?
Or trying to be too pleasing?
Are they child friendly?
Or should I use bleeping?
Should I even be publishing?
Or pack them away for safekeeping?
Are these my last words?
Am I disappearing?

Operation 365 Poem: day 298…Back


Back on the train
Off to rehearsal
Routine starts again

While I was gone
I got nothing done
I replied to no one

I’m super behind
And I already was
From Greek wedding time

I need to face reality
Take care of the To-Do’s
Multi-tasking is my speciality

Of course I want to be
Back in the sun
Tanning in Hawaii

I left everything until now
“…after the honeymoon…”
Quite an accumulated list, wow!

I always said I can do it all
Just feeling overwhelmed
And very, very small

Let’s do what I do best
Let the cold snap me back
Life is always a test

Operation 365 Poem: day 297…Return to Baby

Return to Baby

Back home
To you, our beautiful boy
A whole week away
There was no jump for joy

A little weary
A little shy
Wondering where we have been
And why

We snuck out
In a diaper change
So it wouldn’t upset you
So you wouldn’t feel strange

We spoke on the phone
So you could hear us
We got lots of kisses then
But now no love fuss

I am sorry little one
Can I hug you for a while?
There it is…your softening eyes
There it is…that beautiful smile!

Operation 365 Poem: day 296…Up into the Air

Up into the Air

Up into the air
Up, up and away
Never been in a helicopter
Starting to feel the sway

I was told it would be high
I was told it moved a bit
I sort of disbelieved
Nah, it wouldn’t make me sick

I was wrong
I got to see the beautiful coast
Then it went up valley
And I was toast!

I saw waterfalls
Then it did some nose dive
I already was feeling a bit icky
And then I died

At least I got to see good bits
Before I had to close my eyes
And battle the return home
And the turbulent skies

It was an expensive way to discover
My airsickness heli non-powers
Thank god we were on the cheaper short tour
And not the extensive one of two hours!

Operation 365 Poem: day 295…Last Night

Last Night

Last night
On Hawaii
Catching as much sun
As can be
Still have tomorrow
To tan more, obviously
I hear it’s cold
Back in NYC
Not just cold
But super windy
Can I not stay here
For eternity?
Checking in back home
Checking in with granny
Getting phone kisses
From my little baby
As much as I love paradise
I’m also a mummy
So home tomorrow
To see my little monkey
But, let’s get back on the plane
This time you’re coming with me

Operation 365 Poem: day 294…Sun Battle

Sun Battle

Battle of the past
Going against what I do
Or what I used to do
Wearing any higher than factor 2!

Actually I used to wear oil
Anything zero or below!
And get extremely red
And to “what?” respond with “I don’t know”

Of course I knew what happened
I didn’t wear any sunscreen
Except sometimes on my nose
As that fluorescent pink could be seen

But I knew burn came first
And then came the tan
And I had to withstand that routine
And I could….I still can

Now I’m a little better though
I’m wearing factor 6 and 10
Ok, so it’s not 30 or 50
But let’s not put the chicken before the hen

I realize I need to change
As I now have a son
And don’t want less life
To not be around and have fun

But here I am today
And I even re-applied
I’m a little burned
But at least this time I tried!