Operation 365 Poem: day 338…Another Year

Another Year

Almost the end
To another year
Where did the time go?
How is it already here?

Yet another reminder
That life is too short
To grab the bull by the horns
To not do what is ought

Instead live to the full
Each day can be new
A chance to take charge
No sad music to cue
Then EVERYTHING can be special
When you look back at the year to review


Let’s make it happen peeps
You know I know you know what I mean 🙂
Happy New Year
Happy 2014!

Operation 365 Poem: day 337…Why Risk It?

Why Risk It?

People are not always prepared
Professional at all
You’d think with all the tragedies
You wouldn’t risk a fall

Why risk a kick, a boot
A slap across the face
In this day and age
Everyone is quick to replace

And there are many to go around
Not hard to find a new you
So buck up and do your work
Don’t risk losing your place in the crew

Operation 365 Poem: day 336…Cry Me A Tear

Cry Me A Tear

Cry me a tear
Let me know I’m here
Enough to show your fear

I know it’s hard
To let down your guard
To undo years of it being barred

But it’s not healthy
To live so privately
To deal with everything in solitary

I know you’re afraid
You don’t mean what you say
You don’t mean to push me away

Cry me a tear
After, I will still be near
I love you, that should be clear

Operation 365 Poem: day 335…Shocking Shock

Shocking Shock

A shocking shock to my system
Accidentally becoming a 2am victim
Was about to finally go off to bed
Then landed flat on my face instead
Clearly I have done some serious harm
As it was a true collapse of my arm
Went to do a push-up randomly
And I know I have some sort of injury
But had no idea it was this bad
My left arm collapsed and made me sad
First my mouth, in disbelief, opened wide
Then I broke down and…just cried
What in the world have I done?
Is this the shift to old from young?
Or do I just not give my body time to recover?
How can anyone who is a mother?
But I do crazy stunts that risk my health
And I’m not very good at looking after myself
My neck also hurts I noticed when cocked back
Sends pain down the left that’s out of whack
I know it’s not right but was waiting to see
Until I’m done with my play and it’s choreography
But that’s not until January, at the end
Too long to see if alone it will mend
I hope it’s not nerve related or something worse
Scary…hence my emotional burst
I can’t believe I collapsed on the floor
I know, I know, this I can’t ignore no more
No need to rush me into a helicopter
But I agree it’s time to see a doctor

Operation 365 Poem: day 334…What Did I Expect?

What Did I Expect?

What did I expect
After four days of eating?
That I would be just fine?
That I wouldn’t take a beating?

Even before these four days
I hadn’t had time to go to the gym
So all I did was speedwalk
And even that was pretty dim

Granted I maybe should have eaten
Before I got onto that treadmill
And perhaps stretched a bit
And woken up with a coffee fill

And I didn’t have to race
Against the girl on the one next to me
Just jumping right to a high speed
I don’t believe in a slow build apparently

I also can’t not push myself
It’s pretty clear that I’m insane
So we all know this poem means nothing
And I will do this all again!!!

Operation 365 Poem: day 333…Goodbye Today

Goodbye Today

Who has the time?
Can you tell me how long I have left?
Please don’t beat around the bush
And speak up as I’m deaf

I need to know down to the second
So I can schedule events to the tee
By calculating my remainder
To its full potential mathematically

Then I can email out to my selected
To see if and what they’d like to join in
I hope they can get past their disapproval
If not it will be disappointing

Those negative vibes are not welcome
It’s my choice to finish this way
So if they don’t want to partake in any of it
They can say their goodbye today

Operation 365 Poem: day 332…Fatto


Can’t breathe
Need double seat
As I continue
To eat another sweet
Now a fat cow
Should be petite
Exhausting eating
I’m completely beat
As my belly fills
I’m radiating heat
Tomorrow I will regret
And wish I could delete
But now hand to mouth motion
Is on repeat
To be the fattest person record
Nearly complete!

Operation 365 Poem: day 331…Good Start

Good Start

A zombie walks into a bar
No wait, the living room
A zombie walks into the living room
No wait, it’s a witch on a broom

A witch on a broom walks
No wait, a witch on a broom flies
A witch on a broom flies
No wait, it’s an elf in disguise

An elf in disguise on a broom
No wait, the elf in disguise is on a sleigh
An elf in disguise on a sleigh
No wait, I got it, if I may…

A zombie, a witch and an elf
No wait, I have no idea of the next part
Can’t make up a joke at 3am
But wouldn’t that make a good start??

Operation 365 Poem: day 330…How Can It Be?

How Can It Be?

How can it be
That I am in love with you
That you complete me
Ah how cheesy, but true!
Is it possible
That I could be this black and blue
From hardcore fighting
That we’re not part of a zoo
We’re deserving like broken pieces to glue
Like some medicine
To a person suffering from the flu
We should wake with a Hello
Not anywhere near an Adieu
You are my hop
To my kangaroo
Embrace me with passion
Quick, get me a tissue
I’m going to prove my love
I’ll get your name as my next tattoo
I am yours
Be my Hugh (Jackson)
My Depardieu
My silky shampoo
My melted fondue

Or, as I would say…my moo!

My MOO!!

Operation 365 Poem: day 329…Trust the Crust

Trust the Crust

When there is someone
You feel like you can trust
Don’t put them on the shelf
And let them cover with dust
Let them in to your life
As we discussed
It’s time to let go of the past
Exhale the disgust
And if it doesn’t work out
It’s not a complete bust
Brush yourself off
And we’ll re-adjust
But if you shelf everybody
Alone you’ll combust
So, my little pie
Let’s find you a crust!