Operation 365 Poem: day 360…Drowning Scene

Drowning Scene

In a dress
Prom dress
Like for school
In a pool
To drowning
For a film
I’m the lead
And in need
Of saving
Not bathing
Car crash
Plunge into water
As I hear my daughter
Eyes jolt open
To say the least
Dress was a beast
Weight when wet
Tangled in a net
Drowning for real
Panic feel
No sight about
Contacts fell out
As I knew they would
Over hour withstood
Pool of cold
May be getting a cold
All in all
In for the long haul
Just was hard
Or I am a retard
Surprised me
When I’m a water baby
Let’s hope they got
At least one good shot
And I do not
Have to be dressed
In a dress
A prom dress
And drown
Like a clown

Anything to say?

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