Operation 365 Poem: day 364…Down Under

Down Under

Waiting for the train
Same old same
To my left
Man approaching
Right up to me
Asking if I’m married
Which I said yes
And tried my best
To be polite
Turn a little to the right
Expecting him long gone
I was wrong
He said
Can I call you?
Silence for a beat or two
(I should go)
I’m sorry
Again said politely
He nods like he knows
And goes
Nope, was just a pivot
And now getting a little livid
So I can’t call you? I hear
Train is here
No, sorry, you can’t
(Still with a little enchant)
I just can’t flat out reject
Without a smile interject
As I don’t get
How anyone could want me as their pet
I finally
Was creep free
I looked up at the door
And realized I was still a whore
That I play
On stage
That in my haste
I still had bright red lipstick on my face
No wonder
He thought I’d go down under!

Anything to say?

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