Operation 365 Poem: day 365…I MADE IT…A POEM EVERY DAY FOR 365 DAYS!

Operation 365 Poem

I did it
I wrote a poem
Every day
For a whole year

True to life
Or comedic
Sometimes dear

Through hardship
No internet
Many issues
A shed tear

I still managed
To pull out words
Into a poem
And persevere

The only thing
That makes me sigh
Is the feeling
Of watching time disappear

Yes I was proactive
And have a whole book of poetry
As a souvenir

But a whole year passed
And how?
To me that is unclear

Time moves so fast
Need to make it count
Your life
Is your career

365 is a reminder
To do just that
Live daily to the full
And be sincere

Onto the next one
What’s my next 365?
Is there another?
I hear

But of course
I’m the 365 girl
Stay tuned
For my upcoming premiere!

I even made a 365 tattoo appear….

Anything to say?

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