Subliminal Messaging I am sad to report DID NOT WORK!!!! So another 365 (my effing FIFTH!!) will be arriving tomorrow April 1st, 2016. Shoot me. No, really…shoot me. Please.

We Shall See…April 1st!

So…yup, one week ago I finished my FOURTH year of 365 with my Testing theme! I can‘t believe it! My last test was to see if subliminal messaging can stop me from doing another (no, really, it’s flashing on my screen right now) or am I doomed to be a 365 blogger FOREVER??!!! We shall see what happens April 1st! But in the meantime THANK YOU (again) to all who’ve been on this ride with me (again)! Your support means the world to me truly.

So…yup, stay tuned for more…UNLESS there won’t be another 365…holy effin’ please…I’m exhausted haha!