TESTING 1…2…365: Heavy Metal Tray


Virgin365: day two hundred…Cockroach Alarm

365 ONE: day 213…Who Really Reads The Instruction Manual??

Day 213: August 8th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was =”No Air” by Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Huge Mirror”

Anything to Note =

Today was set up phone line and Internet line and alarm and electricity voltage capacity (after the blackout we had to prevent anything in the future) at my parents new house….all with the same guy!!

I missed the phone, voltage, alarm sections but came downstairs right as they were trying to figure out the Internet….which they apparently have been trying to do for ages and could not understand…yet, no one said anything to me to come help!

Anyway, it took us hours to connect the Internet and then get it wireless!

And in the end it was actually quite simple…it was all in the router instruction booklet that was included!!!!

I tried everything – on my netbook, on another netbook, on my iPod, on my iPad….and it would not connect to the wireless. This guy had no clue! Literally! But to his credit, it was not obvious to me either. We called the company OTE and they said we had to first set up the Internet to the modem using an Ethernet LAN connection….fine. But that is all they said!! Not something like – look in the instruction booklet and you will see!!!!

Anyway, so we tried with the Ethernet on my netbook for ages with all kinds of codes that they had given my dad and it was just not connecting.

I looked over in the box and picked up the booklet that was in Greek and just flipped through it and then saw in the middle, hidden, four pages of how to connect to the Internet for setup! And it was complicated with numbers and in the browser, where the other items we would have to insert…I mean, ridiculous!! There was no way you would have been able to figure this out without that booklet, especially as you had to type like a nine digit code into the browser to even start the setup!!


I guess I assumed this guy would know what to do, but after about a half hour I realized he did not. Then I guess I assumed he would have looked at the instruction booklet then that came with the router since they had apparently been trying for ages before I even came into the picture. So I didn’t even think of looking at it.

But, this is Greece for you!!!

I mean, it should be simple and not something you need to go to an instruction booklet for really, right?? I mean, this is just setting up wireless with a router….this is not rocket science!! And oh so easy in America, but here…I see it is not!!

It sounds stupid that it was all along in the instruction booklet and no one looked at it, but I just can’t believe you have to. And then it was even more complicated after that trying to figure out which username and code you had to change and when and ugh.

In the end, I figured it out, but it was a little ridiculous….not sure who to blame though, really….OTE the company, the non-informative customer service, the technician, or me for not looking for an instruction manual and reading it hours before I did!



It’s now working on my iPad and iPod, but I can’t still get it to work wirelessly on my netbook….I give up for the day though!! Too much!!

365 ONE: day 207…Blackout at 2am!!

Day 207: August 2nd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Swollen Feet Through The Cracks”

Anything to Note =

We had a blackout last night.

Just as I was dozing off and just had turned the TV off to sleep, suddenly the whole house went off! The power just went off and I heard a noise. Of course it was boiling so the fan went off. Pitch black!!

I could hear my parents down the hall but between me and them and the two fuse boxes lay 10000000000 unpacked boxes, and furniture pieces jabbing out, and I could hear them scrounging around trying to move and I guess find a light source.

I guess that’s why they always say to make sure you keep a flashlight by the bed, or around, or near you!!!

Which we don’t!! Seriously, who does anyway??!!

But then I remembered….on my blackberry I actually had downloaded a flashlight application!! Which saved us!! I mean, the glow of the phones can also get you somewhere, but amid the boxes and piles and stairs and furniture everywhere, we needed something stronger.

This is the new house so we had no clue where all the fuses were inside and outside or where anything was yet. So it was my dad and mum and I wandering around with the blackberry flashlight, huddled together to see, at like 2am!!

We eventually found all the fuse boxes but nothing had come down or blown so that meant after all that searching that the blackout was a general one, and not us. Although the houses around seemed to still have lights! But the power grids in Athens are not exactly connected in a line or anything logical apparently!! Surprise surprise haha!!

So being that it was a general blackout all we could do was wait….so I opened the windows as was dying of heat, regardless to whether it was a good idea or not as it could have been bringing in mosquitos but I was too hot! And I was about to lie down again when the alarm system suddenly started beeping at a super high pitch!! And would not stop!!

We had alarms installed but they were not on or functional yet but that didn’t matter as they were getting no power so were going crazy…and that is right by my room!!!!

I thought there was no way I was going to sleep through that as I went to lie down again, giving up. I mean I can’t even sleep in the perfect conditions let alone a high pitch beeping and no fan!!! But suddenly the power came back on!!! Thank god!!! The fan started and that beeping stopped!

Sadly though, that whole hour of shenanigans had now woken me up again, and now it was past 3am….so….TV back on!!! Thank god the TV guy had come and fixed mine and my parents by this point so I could watch some good ol’ Greek TV 🙂

There’s nothing quite like late night Greek TV!!!! Haha!!