Virgin365: day one hundred and fifty-nine…AstroTurf Angel

Operation 365 Poem: day 302…Sent by an Angel

Sent by an Angel

I was sent by an angel
To lighten up lives
To bring smiles to the grandparents
To bring joy to husbands and wives

I was sent by an angel
To be the strength that they need
To be the courage to move forward
To empower those to take lead

I was sent by an angel
To lift their chins when they’re down
To take their hands and grip tight
To pick their souls off the ground

I was sent by an angel
To tell them nothing is wrong
To reassure all choices are right
To reassure them they do belong

I was sent by an angel
To just be by their side
To fuel them with love
To ease the pain of this ride

I was sent by an angel
To lighten. And I will
To bring smiles and not frowns
To bring joy…back…to enjoy life still

Operation 365 Poem: day 145…Sleep My Angel

Sleep My Angel

Arm stuck
But so worth it
A sleeping angel
Curled and perfect

Restless morning
Took him to bed with me
After much tossing and turning
Finally he got sleepy

With his head
Up next to mine
And his arms
And my arms entwined

He wanted to be close
Cuddled in tight
Sleep my beautiful angel
Good Night!