365 ONE: day 158…Reprimanded For Being Me

Day 158: June 14th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Help Me, Rhonda” by The Beach Boys

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Old School Diva”

Anything to Note =

I had to meet with a client this morning to see her apartments to take on as a potential client along with her listings for my boss. I was warned that this client was a little difficult and despite the warning I was indeed surprised, however once you step back from the personal attack, I became intrigued with her as a character!

She was difficult to say the least but seriously what a woman! It was fascinating to step back and observe her at the same time. She would be one hell of a character to take on and portray, so I very much enjoyed learning and gaining insight to such a personality.

Of course I less enjoyed being told off. Yup, I was literally told off! Numerous times. Literally.

– I was told off for saying “yes” or responses of affirmation as she was speaking despite her obvious pauses for agreement or some sort of beckoned response, as this apparent “agreeing” interrupted her but also implied to her that I was finishing her sentences, or that is how she felt it to be.

– I was told off for not taking notes as soon as she started speaking.

– I was told off for having left too long of a message on the phone the day prior.

– I was told off for basically having a muddled accent that her trained professional ear could not decipher, or better yet, pin point, so it kept throwing her.

– I was told off for not speaking from my gut in register all the time, and thus I was too much in my head voice.

– I was told off for nodding! Again, the affirmation it gave off apparently meant I was interrupting and not listening to her at all.

– I was told off for speaking too fast at times.

– I was told off for saying information that to her was irrelevant and so why should she care.

At first it was startling, and I had to re-group and adapt quickly. I also found it very difficult to not nod or respond in some way as she was speaking as I guess that is something I do and is engrained and a part of me! I kept catching myself doing it! Despite the pauses and tone of her speaking that I believed begged for some sort of affirmation whether a vocal “yes” or a nod,  I realized that I just do that naturally regardless of such a pause or tone.

Well after being told off and dealing with it all and adapting rapidly as we talked I started to admire her and her ways as a strong single older female and just treated her as a subject matter to study and not be personally afflicted by it. Everyone is different and she is certainly one of a kind! Laugh internally, shrug it off internally, take it with a grain of salt, and move on – that’s the motto!

At the end of speaking, after she had “vented” a bit about things (her words), she actually apologized a bit for her being so grouchy and explained that prior events that were “vented”about were the reason to why she was taking out her frustrations on me, but then also announced what a tough cookie she was (if I hadn’t gathered that already haha!).

But make no mistake – that was not apologizing – as you just know that’s just whats she’s like. Which was further confirmed by a later phone call where I was told off again numerous times.

So, she must be treated with caution. Especially if she takes us on to represent her listings – there are lessons to learn and rules to follow when dealing with her now that I’ve met her and spoken with her. She said numerous times today how she fired the last representation she had, and that person she said was a really good friend of hers!! Great!


The word that comes to mind is = oyvey!

The image that comes to mind is = Sunset Boulevard 🙂

365 ONE: day 155…Dreamville to Ville BUT Still a Ville

Day 155: June 11th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Cecilia” by Paul Simon

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Apartment for Stuart to See”

Anything to Note =

I had my first subway tip-toes tunnel experience on the E train today as had to go out in Queens to see some apartments. I was expecting a long tunnel but actually it wasn’t so bad at all. So far then the worst is still the bloomin’ R train!

I went out to parts of Queens I had never been to today in order to pick up keys at one location to an apartment and then to see two apartments that were the next best on my list. So today was my first trip to both Forest Hills and Briarwood! A little exploring 🙂

First stop was Forest Hills to get the keys from a realty office. I got off the subway and entered….DREAMVILLE!! It was amazing!! It was 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan and there I was suddenly walking down green grass paths with countryside road signs and beautiful rows of chalets down the roads! It was dream house after dream house! I’ve never seen anything like it!

I took two photos of two houses but only one would upload so here is a little something of what I am talking about…

This photo doesn’t do it justice! It was incredible!!!!

I have to start playing the lottery as this is truly DREAMVILLE!!

So after a trip down DREAMVILLE to get the keys I had to go out to Briarwood, further out in Queens, to see the two apartments, and it was a little sad after coming from amazing greenery…I got off the subway and was a little disappointed….certainly not DREAMVILLE 😦

BUT…then saw an apartment that was kind of exactly what I have been looking for or had more of what I am looking for at a cheaper rate – which realistically I need to consider as this whole upfront cash downpayment thing is going to be the death of me! AND…I kind of like it actually….more than like really…

I had to take a video of the apartment for Stuart to see as he couldn’t make it – so you can see the upload of it on my other blog 🙂

So now need to think. Really think!