Day 132: May 19th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Millennium” by Robbie Williams

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Not a 4 Year Gift”

Anything to Note =

I had a super busy day yesterday and ended up leaving the office last night at 11.30pm, so in a daze this morning 😦 Hence the ridiculous video and song choice for the day!! But had to get things done as have rehearsal again today and then after Stuart and I are celebrating our FOUR YEARS Anniversary!!!!


I can’t believe it’s been FOUR YEARS!!

FOUR YEARS of the Stu-Meister, the Burge, the little Stu-ie, the Stu-ster!

I guess we have to thank a few people and things that got us here today, FOUR YEARS later, married and pregnant!!

Although the exact details are a little hazy…

– At Play Productions, my theatre company = without them I would have not been performing on stage at The Atlantic where coincidentally Stuart was working that evening to light my show 🙂

– Jake’s Saloon, bar = without having the show we would not have had an after party where I and Stuart were at drinking after the show of course 🙂

– Annabella, my friend = without her stopping me at the entrance to the bar to say hello and chat as I was on my way out, I would not have heard the British accent behind me and swung around to see and meet Stuart 🙂

– Booze, all night = without that, nothing would have happened, and I would not have been at the bar in the first place, or lasted so long or wanted more and thus offered to stay on and go to the next bar with some of my theatre company players after I had finally met Stuart, who was also drunk, and clearly also up for more of it! 🙂

– Flight 151, next bar = without going here after the other bar, we may not have actually “bonded” (no idea what happened to be honest as I was wasted!) or kissed (unclear to who kissed who – we both think we made the first move….I really think it was me!)

– Late, or early morning = without it being so late we would not have waited outside the bar to get a cab – two separate cabs I may add – to take us home, although waiting is an unclear word as it seemed like we may have been still chatting or kissing for another hour or so, but I, YES ME, would not have got Stuart’s number (that’s right Bucko!!) although he claims he would have got it off me if I hadn’t (hmmmmm) and thus start the texting and “dating” (haha, not sure we “dated” or ever have really “dated”) that brought us to TODAY!!!

So we thank you all!!

But of course…

Most importantly…

Thank you Stuart Burgess.

I love you.

(blog just got sappy….nice one!)

365 ONE: day 72…Catch-22

Day 72: March 20th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Why” by Shiny Grey

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “A Bump”

Anything to Note =

I felt super uncomfortable all day today, especially after I ate. I still have nausea so need to eat to help with that, but now feeling uncomfortable after I eat, so its a catch-22!

Speaking of Catch-22…up until just the other day I thought that film (or book, for those that read and not just watch the movie) was about football. American football. And was convinced that was what it was about. BUT…apparently it’s not? Stuart and I played trivia on the drive down to MD and Catch-22 was one of the answers….that I of course missed as it was about the author, which of course I didn’t know as I don’t read 🙂 And then Stuart told me about the book and it was definitely not about American football! HAHA!!

You know what’s funny? I actually don’t remember what the book was about! Clearly I was paying attention in the car! Clearly I was listening to Stuart 🙂

They do say that your memory goes while you are pregnant…

Don’t they?


365 ONE: day 39…not a smart chicken!

Day 39: February 16th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Bhangra Night Rider” by Punjabi MC

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Crazy Passer”

Anything to Note =

I noticed a funny thing today, which I should have noticed weeks ago!! I am doing and have been doing my fitness and stretching 365 criteria backstage when I am not on stage and today, only today, after weeks of doing this, I realized that I have been doing all this in my costume – my homeless pregnant costume! I play a homeless pregnant woman in my play (that opens tomorrow!!) and I wear a pretty large pregnancy belly! And all this time I didn’t realize that I had been doing my push-ups and sit-ups and planks with all this on! Layers and layers, gloves and a pregnancy belly!! HAHA!!

Yup, I am clearly retardo!


And on that note…

Retardo here walked again as my cardio…in the rain….with my long trousers on dragging in the wet….and my trainers on that have mesh holes….wet….again!


And…one of my favourite songs came on, and in honor of my friend Nandita who is getting married in India soon that I sadly can’t attend, I tried to do some full-out Indian Bollywood moves and….yeah….not sure that was anything but RETARDO!!

365 ONE: day 38….home late :(

Day 38: February 15th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Guajira (I Love You Too Much)” by Yerba Buena from Dirty Dancing the movie

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Office Files”

Anything to Note =

Not really. Not much to note today. Am exhausted from a full day of work and then we had a tech run of our show, and rehearsals to work sections after until 10pm, so not much to report this late and this tired.

I am consistently finding time to insert my 365 criteria backstage at my show in the sections I am not on stage – although anyone who comes off stage usually finds me on the floor doing push-ups or the plank 🙂 I have to be careful not to be in people’s way that need to cross backstage for entrances but its been working. I have also had to walk from the office to the theatre as my cardio in order to get that in too – so its been a lot of walking, which I predicted to be my most usual daily cardio – I just hope I don’t get too sick of it being my cardio over and over every day. I will need to change it up but I am just to busy to do anything else right now.

I had some time to also squeeze in my dance of the day tonight at our section rehearsals as they were rehearsing everyone in either a dance or vocal part and I was left to do my own thing at one point, so decided to dance to my ipod in the corner of the room. Not sure I liked this though as it really made me feel like I couldn’t go full-out. I was facing the wall but knew people in the room were watching me and wondering what the hell I was doing! I also chose a salsa Latin song and wanted to go full-out but just felt restricted. I didn’t want to disturb anyone or take away their focus from what they were doing, and wanted to be quiet on my feet….all in all, I was a little disappointed with my decision to do my dance. But I wanted to get it out of the way really, as I did get home so late, but it sacrificed my joy and want. I mean, the song was from Dirty Dancing so wanted to do it the “real way”!

What really threw me is I chose a salsa Latin song as I thought it would be less distracting in the rehearsal room but I started to notice how sexual I was and then how visible I was being sexually in my dancing, and that deterred me – and you know, I am an exhibitionist and would never have a problem with this, I would normally love this, but I didn’t want to disturb quality rehearsal time we needed. The professional took over in me, not the exhibitionist this time. But, rightly so!

365 ONE: day 36…exhibitionist?

Day 36: February 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “17” by Manos Pyrobolakhs (summer mix)

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Elevator Shaft”

Anything to Note =

I had some funny exhibitionist moments today – not that I am not always an exhibitionist because I know I am…but I just find it funny when I notice it outright.


Had a hectic run around day today, with an Aussie Belvita commercial audition in the middle of it that was sprung on me last minute so looked a mess! But I still found a way to play “the sex” in it somehow…and I am not really sure looking back that it was necessarily called for, or a good choice…hmmmmm. But I went with it! I rocked up to the audition in sweatpants for my later tech for my show after, so was completely underdressed, not showered and had no clue which dialect I was supposed to be using! I watched how others around me transformed into beautiful audition persons from the bathroom as they readied themselves, so I had to do something! 🙂

I decided to do my improvised acting video in that odd outside part I had found in one of the stairways at the office. It opened up to an outside elevator shaft that dropped into an abyss 17 flights down that is quite scary – so played out some sort of anxiety scene with the huffing and puffing, however, if anyone had walked past in the hallway on the other side they might have thought I was having sex out there! When I listened to the recording that’s what I immediately thought of…and you know what, I secretly was hoping someone did walk past and think that 🙂

I again decided to do my dance on the street outside of my apartment. I had on my coat and layers and such so was funny but it is soooo nice to dance in the brisk weather and with room around, and of course with potential viewers! It was a Greek summer dance hit and it was short but with the amount of people passing on my side and the other side of the street, and the lights on from all the apartments above, it made me transform and perform for them! I actually started doing dance moves that could potentially, to the observer, look like I am practising some sort of dance choreography – which I kind of liked and went with – and added some boob shakes around here and there of course 🙂

Some hints of my exhibitionism today…

365 ONE: day 30…reached the THIRTIES!

Day 30: February 7th, 2012: COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Light Jogging

Dance of the Day was = “Erota Mou” by Elli Kokkinou

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog = “He-Ho Chat”

Anything to Note =

I don’t feel these days that rehearsals are enough physically to count as cardio – we are working through things so I just don’t feel like its enough to count as raising my heartbeat. As we are approaching our opening of our show we are working through things and realize that it doesn’t make sense for my character to be a part of all the dance choreography sections that I learned so I will see when we get to run the whole show how much of a workout it will end up being. Although we added a little bit of athleticism for me today to raise me up….sound intriguing?? Get ready for Loom Ensemble’s “Erosion: A Fable” that opens at LaMama February 17th!!


So thus lightly jogging home from a few subway stops earlier than when I would get off was my cardio tonight. Although, I wanted to take it lightly but I had to fight the urge to just full-out speed run home! The backpack I had on helped to keep me slow as I shouldn’t be speed running after 11pm!! I got myself all ready on the subway – ipod arm pouch on, ipod in, sweater off, backpack tight, music on….GOOOOO!! People always find it funny to see someone jogging with a backpack on or not in full workout clothes 🙂

I was excited tonight as on shuffle came a wonderful Greek song, and I realized that I hadn’t danced to any Greek songs yet which is outrageous! This is a great song as it’s a traditional or close to traditional Greek belly dancing song – or perfect for it. I forgot how much of a workout Greek female belly dancing is! Having to keep my arms up for basically the whole song really works the arm muscles!! And my legs were feeling it so either it was me not used to the slow long movements or I danced too close after jogging home! Either way, I was happy to have some Greek music! Must have more of that!

Ahhhhh. Now, I miss Greece, Spetses Island, home. Boo 😦

My improvised video upload was fun tonight too – I did another one of my favourite characters who speaks a made-up language….or does she??!! It is sooo much fun to speak your mind in something so free. I think my gibberish language is pretty good actually, if I do say so myself haha! Take a peek at my ZoeTheActor wordpress blog!

365 ONE: day 21…THREE WEEKS WOW!

Day 21: January 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = 5K on Treadmill Running & Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Beautiful” by Akon

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Reality Show”

Anything to Note =

I wanted to take it easy today but somehow I ran more than I wanted to. My last meeting was right near Planet Fitness so how could I not go!! Just for my free tootsie rolls haha! I decided to do a 5K but wanted to run and walk it slowly, and not what I ended up doing. The stupid treadmill had the 5K pre-programmed with levels so I chose Level One thinking it would be slow, but the speed was 6.0! I wanted to walk it and then do some light jogging but it kept re-setting my speed back to 6.0. It was super annoying especially as I was writing some texts and stuff and it would re-set from my walking to that higher speed and it would suddenly speed up! That could have been a serious disaster scene! I did want to run and walk equally but I ended up giving into the 6.0 and ran more….ugh. I know, I know….I am also crazy so whenever I say I will take it slowly I never do. I could have run the whole time, but I fought against it, so step by step I am getting better….right??

I was emotional today off and on. It was odd as I was dancing to my song of the day and crying at the same time. It got to me and it was strange to dance and cry at the same time, and fight through it all. A very weird experience.

I did lighten my mood after though with my video upload – it’s a character I love to do and would love to do more and more of her. I must pursue her. There was talk once to do a whole play around a more exaggerated version of her, but I put her in a reality show in this upload today and it fit very well! So, maybe a webseries or reality show upload is in the future perhaps 🙂