Virgin365: day two hundred and ninety-two…Auditioned on Crutches

Virgin365: day one hundred and sixty-nine…Made My Own Parking Spot

Virgin365: day one hundred and thirty-nine…Stood in my OWN Gum!

Virgin365: day one hundred and seven…F1 on the Street

Operation 365 Poem: day 349…Drug Addicted Whore

Drug Addicted Whore

On the floor
Waiting to audition
For a drug addicted whore

Looking around
Everyone is the same
Dark clothes
Mouthing words like they’re insane

The goth look
All pale looking and skinny
Then there’s me
Watching, drinking coffee

No goth look
Not skinny, but maybe pale
Not on purpose though
Just naturally stale

Like I’ve burned the candle
Like I’m past my expiration
Only brightness is my green shirt
And my mind on vacation

Guess I’ll have to “act”
Guess I’ll have to charm
Like a ticking bomb
Well…let’s hope…
But right now perhaps too calm

Operation 365 Poem: day 47…Intervene


Or child?

Or wild?

Or cool mum?

Or dark rum?

Or clubbing?

Or guzzling?

Or clean?


Operation 365 Poem: day 38…Jury Duty

Jury Duty

Last night call
Meant yes to jury duty
Worst timing
Told hubby to dress fruity 🙂

Had meetings
Had planned work
Stuck at home
With a baby that’s berserk 🙂

Instead had to Skype
With babe on hand
Running to cries
A one man band

Stupid jury duty
Knows when to get you
Not a nice date
Not someone to be next to

Messed up the day
But then luck came around
Fruity got the booty
So tomorrow, paint the town!