TESTING 1…2…365: Fluffy Bunny

TESTING 1…2…365: IPad Stand Built to Withstand


365 ONE: day 138…Missing Cards and No Booze Criteria

Day 138: May 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “I Say A Little Prayer” by Dionne Warwick

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Thanks To My Sis!”

Anything to Note =

Do you know what I realized?

I am waiting for a bunch of “cards”…my Green Card, my new health insurance card, my new British Airways credit card – all with promises of arrival, all late, all missing!

Ha – just thought of another card – my mum sent me a birthday card last year that never got to me either – another card haha! Well let’s hope the other cards I’m waiting for now don’t follow that path!!


I finally got around to actually sitting down and looking at my calendar and my schedule as I had an earlier thought in an earlier blog entry about whether I had drunk any alcohol on my 365, or not.



I can’t believe it – my earlier thought was true! I started 365 on January 9th with a week of detox of only fruit and veg, and then there was like three or four days, and then I found out I was pregnant!!

I looked at the calendar to see if there were anything in those three or four days but I was in rehearsals until past 10pm and busy, and nothing like a dinner or bar meeting or anything was scheduled, so it turns out I seriously have not had an ounce of booze in what now is 138 days!!

Which means now for real I need to consider this….

Do I add this officially to my 365? Do I make no alcohol the 12th criteria on my 365 Challenge? But then I would have to go all the way until January 8th, 2013!

Well, being pregnant, that would take me to September 22nd or thereabouts so that would already bring me to something like 250 days! So yeah that leaves like 100 plus days but if I am breastfeeding I am not supposed to be drinking anyway, so maybe it’s not so unrealistic after all??

Or am I going to want that shot of tequila after I give birth?? Or if I stop breastfeeding before January 9th or something??

But I would have gone so far though already.

I need to think.

I won’t announce it until I think about this, or I guess I can even wait and see how I feel.

What do you guys think?

365 ONE: day 36…exhibitionist?

Day 36: February 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “17” by Manos Pyrobolakhs (summer mix)

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Elevator Shaft”

Anything to Note =

I had some funny exhibitionist moments today – not that I am not always an exhibitionist because I know I am…but I just find it funny when I notice it outright.


Had a hectic run around day today, with an Aussie Belvita commercial audition in the middle of it that was sprung on me last minute so looked a mess! But I still found a way to play “the sex” in it somehow…and I am not really sure looking back that it was necessarily called for, or a good choice…hmmmmm. But I went with it! I rocked up to the audition in sweatpants for my later tech for my show after, so was completely underdressed, not showered and had no clue which dialect I was supposed to be using! I watched how others around me transformed into beautiful audition persons from the bathroom as they readied themselves, so I had to do something! 🙂

I decided to do my improvised acting video in that odd outside part I had found in one of the stairways at the office. It opened up to an outside elevator shaft that dropped into an abyss 17 flights down that is quite scary – so played out some sort of anxiety scene with the huffing and puffing, however, if anyone had walked past in the hallway on the other side they might have thought I was having sex out there! When I listened to the recording that’s what I immediately thought of…and you know what, I secretly was hoping someone did walk past and think that 🙂

I again decided to do my dance on the street outside of my apartment. I had on my coat and layers and such so was funny but it is soooo nice to dance in the brisk weather and with room around, and of course with potential viewers! It was a Greek summer dance hit and it was short but with the amount of people passing on my side and the other side of the street, and the lights on from all the apartments above, it made me transform and perform for them! I actually started doing dance moves that could potentially, to the observer, look like I am practising some sort of dance choreography – which I kind of liked and went with – and added some boob shakes around here and there of course 🙂

Some hints of my exhibitionism today…