YOU COMPETE ME 365: Headstand Flip Up

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365 ONE: day 228…Ikea Exhaustion

Day 228: August 23rd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking/Carrying Ikea Items Home

Dance of the Day was = “Don’t Mess With My Man [Mood 2 Swing Edit]” by Lucy Pearl

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Snuggie”

Anything to Note =

It was Ikea day today!

Literally the whole day was at Ikea! We left home at 10am to meet family friend at a bus near hers that goes to Ikea, so we had a proper schedule! And we were not back until after 5pm!


I turned into one of those people that push the trolley around and then when others are looking would find a piece of Ikea showroom furniture to sit on 🙂

Sadly my back was hurting and my feet are swollen so they started to hurt…so I became like an invalid! I am not used to not being able to keep on trucking! Although my mum made some comment that I may be bigger! Or that she thinks I’ve got bigger since I have been here…I say there just isn’t any more room in there!!! But it may be the case since I have ONE MONTH TO GO!!!!!!

Holy schenfaefkjnflakjveajkvbjkaenvjkdarnfvjkdnvidnvnkljeafiuvh!!!

Yup, that is a real word! Haha!! It is Swedish to go along with the Ikea day haha!

Anyway, we did end up getting a few things and our family friend bought us some as our baby shower gifts…so I think now we should be set for the essential UK baby items thanks to all our days of shopping, online research and purchases and some more gifts!!

Am hoping anyway that the baby shopping can now come to an end! Although that covers the UK and we have yet to even come close to being done for the NYC baby room….which we have time with I know as I don’t come back until January, but that is the main room, so…..will need to figure that out soon too. Ugh!

Am waiting of course on whether we get this new apartment and the mortgage to know if we even have a baby room first! Then I will deal with it…or rather help Stuart deal with it as I won’t be around. Methinks there will be a lot of Skype-ing so I can see what’s going on!

Not that I don’t trust the baby room with you Stuart!! I do!! 🙂



The highlight today was of course the Swedish meatballs at Ikea haha!!