PUPPET ME 365: Bath Milk

Virgin365: day three hundred and fifty-eight…Potato Peel Leg Hair

365 ONE: day 13…lucky or unlucky?

Day 13: January 21st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking/Running Up Stairs

Dance of the Day was = “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog, now referred to as = “Bathtub Hangover”

Anything to Note =

It is hard to do a video when you need to be quiet. I knew I had to still do my improvised acting upload and my cousin was in the apartment on the phone, so went into the bathroom and lay down in the bathtub….as you do….haha….and then decided to just record. I need a friggin’ way to keep the ipod upright, and be able to follow me, and track, and basically move on its own!!! As I keep checking to see if I am still in frame, which is distracting and noticeable. I wonder if they have invented the flying personal camera yet?? Note to self….invent that! 🙂

I decided on a slower song tonight as opposed to my usual Euro Techno Dance rave! I was just feeling a little slow (yes, you may insert your laughter AT me here). I thought perhaps it would be a good way to rest my body or even try something not so hectic but I craved a faster beat. I guess I look at the dancing criteria as not only enjoyable but also as some sort of part to the fitness element, so I quickly realized that I wasn’t getting enough of a challenge in….then I turned into a crazy person, with twists and weird movements to make sure I felt something, like a mini workout! It transformed from an enjoyable dance to a “let’s add this movement here as it’s working on my sides, and let’s add this move here even though it’s double time”!!!

I took the bus back home tonight from Manhattan to Queens and I just must have been on auto-pilot as sat down at the back. Then a few seconds later I hopped up and scared the crap out of the people behind me! I am not allowed to sit on public transportation!!! CRAP! I just forgot that the bus is public transportation as been used to the subway for these last 13 days. On the subway it’s engrained to not sit, but on the bus, as its so infrequent, I just had a moment! Yes, another SLOW moment!!! But, thank god I suddenly remembered as that was indeed a close call!! WOW!

I also realized that we were crossing the water and pondered to whether I was supposed to be on tip-toes then as essentially its the same as in the subway tunnel crossing the water. I hesitated but then decided to do it anyway. It wasn’t very long – way shorter on the bus, but way bumpier!!! I just felt like I had to do it. Who am I, seriously?????

Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Crazy Cathy….or Zoe…that doesn’t fit…Zingy Zoe? Zoe the Zulu? Zaney Zoe? d). All of the above.