365 ONE: day 150…Bad Green Card News :(

Day 150: June 6th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “C’est La Vie” by Shania Twain

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other  blog was = “Bad Day”

Anything to Note =

Green Card bad news today – or just not great news.

Of course.

Apparently my case is with security and we don’t know why but there’s a “security check issue” and that could take a little time to resolve or could take a long time to resolve, and hopefully it can BE resolved. We really don’t know why – it could be a number of reasons like:

– they are checking how long I’ve been here

– Stuart’s first marriage

…I mean it could be anything really, but I think it has something to do with the fact that my name is different in each of the passports I have – which is a problem.

Australia misspelled my name from Christina to Christine.

And Greece did what they do and translated the way my name would be spelled in Greek with Greek letters, to an English version so instead of Zoe its Zoi!

I also think my last name is missing an S in my Greek passport as when spelled out in Greek there is only one S but in English it’s two so it should be Anastassiou and instead its Anastasiou.

And of course my birth certificate doesn’t match any of those. The British passport however got it right – the only one!

I’ve also been on visas for my undergraduate and graduate schooling in the USA and then now on my work visa based off these misspellings so on record I must have a bunch of different names.

I think this must be my “security check issue” as I remember in my interview, amid the nausea and the last-seen-of-the-day-rush, the woman interviewing me did mention she had a lot to do in regards to my names and such – jokingly – but I am pretty sure of that now that I think about it more. So I have a feeling that’s whats the issue or the delay.

If they are waiting for something like Greece to verify me from my passport or something then that will be a huge delay since they are in chaos and I can’t imagine them responding quickly at all right now especially.

There’s nothing I can really do.

I have set up a meeting for June 15th anyway since we were to know more on June 5th and then perhaps I could have my passport stamped if I was approved by then, but that’s before we found out this today. However, I am going to go in on the 15th anyway to see them face to face and discuss. I am not sure they can do anything or even say anything as security means they would have passed it on to another department, but I can inquire at least, in person, and see. I don’t know.

I can find out the last date I can travel while pregnant from my doctor Friday as have a check-up then so I have a true deadline, and then can perhaps make another appointment just before then to go in if I am still here, in case by then they can stamp my passport for travel. That will mean moving my July 11th flight and Greece mini trip, but what can I do.

Step by step.

Let’s see what happens June 15th. If anything.

It’s just upsetting as this is all legit.




365 ONE: day 84…C’mon everybody! What day is it??

Day 84: April 1st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Temptation” by Arash Feat. Rebecca

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Card Trick”

Anything to Note =

Yup, you guessed it I am sure by the early blog entries today….I can’t sleep! No news here, just the same ol’ same ol’ I can’t sleep routine. Rough night – not sure but I was up for most of the night. I know I am having a hard time getting comfortable for some reason but there’s got to be more to it than that as eventually you would find a position, right?? Nope, not me. And I have always been a bad sleeper, waking up every hour, before I was pregnant, but now it’s worse than that! And I could never imagine it being worse 😦

As I was thinking this morning while lying there, maybe things are going on in my belly and its keeping me awake? Could that be a viable option maybe? I am a very light sleeper so it could be a theory – which means that this will then continue until September 22nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!

Well I decided to get up and do my 365 while I was awake before I had to go to my Brooklyn apartment walk-through with a client (a difficult client actually, so we’ll see how that goes!!). Doing 365 half asleep is odd! It’s kind of like your ears are blocked or something and your body won’t move the way you want it to – you know, like when you try to make a fist with your hand first thing and it won’t close all the way…that’s how my dance felt this morning! Only time I am ever dancing in the morning is when I have been up all night dancing and its the morning and I am still dancing!! 🙂

Well, guess what everybody? BIG NEWS!! I am having quadrouplets!!!!!!!!!

Yup, quadrouplets!!! I just found out – my doctor just called me!!!!

AND, I just checked my lottery ticket and I won the mega millions lottery!!!!!

AND, I just got a knock at the door and I am one of those cash prize winners for life!!!!

AND, I just got a call that my birth certificate is wrong and they made a mistake – they wrote 1981 by mistake but they meant to write 1987!! So, I’m only 25!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

AND, a pig just flew past my window!!!!!


HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(inspired by the fact I woke up to a text from my father that he won the British lottery and I wrote back saying I was having quadrouplets!! Haha!!)

I wish this 365 Challenge was an April Fool’s Day joke!!!!!!!

365 ONE: day 74…at the City Clerk Office…again!

Day 74: March 22nd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Ntrepomai” by Anna Vissi

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Office Piles’

Anything to Note =

I was running around today. Firstly had to go down to the City Clerk Office downtown to amend my marriage certificate again for the second time! This is how sexist NYC is or was. Before single sex marriage was allowed in NY they had a system, so when you were going to apply for a marriage license you needed to fill out an online application first and bring the printout with you in person. Well, they assume that the man, the groom would be the one filling out the form, meaning that Spouse A would always be the man. So, instead, I was the one who filled out the online application thus becoming Spouse A, and since they assume that is the man, they listed me as the Groom in the system and so all the information I had entered about the Groom having one previous marriage now became me. So at the bottom of the marriage certificate it had listed:

Groom married 0 times before; Bride married 1 time before


And I have my greencard interview on Monday so needed to get that fixed!!

When I went the first time to amend the certificate it was because my name did not match my birth certificate and then this stupid printing of me being married once before appeared incorrectly and they said there was nothing they could do until the system was updated to include singe sex couples. So I waited as long as I could before going back to see if it was fixed.

I was there for hours this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was called and they finally took my form to amend, acting like it was not a big deal, and then didn’t come back until over an hour later! So clearly their system was not updated or could not be updated effortlessly still. I started to think they would come back and say nope! And I would have to explain the sexist system of the NY marriage world to immigration on Monday…but then they popped out and gave it to me. No mention to any problems, but obviously realized that this was their mistake as they did not charge the normal $10 amendment fee 🙂

It was funny being down there again waiting and watching all the couples who were anxiously waiting for their ticket number to be announced to get married. I remember my day. The funny thing is, when I walked in I still got those butterfly feelings in my stomach like I did the day I married back in September 2011!

A HUGE wedding gang showed up right before I left. This couple literally had 50 people with them and it was soooooo funny as they all followed the wedding couple around like cattle – to the flowers, to the sign-in desk, to the witness first desk….you know like those herds of animals you see on National Geographic that all turn at the same time when running around! It was hilarious!

I should have used them as part of my video upload of the day….arghhhh, missed opportunity!

As my friend Tess said when I got married and she was there – we should all go on our lunch break to watch all the characters down there! So true!!