365 ONE: day 185…Will I Make The Plane??!!

Day 185: July 11th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking/Packing/Travelling

Dance of the Day was = “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Paul Carrack

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Mr. Giraffe”

Anything to Note =

I am leaving on a jet plane…



I think I’ve mentioned this before in another blog, but it’s funny because Stuart and I are leaving today – Stuart for only two weeks right now – but we’re not flying on the same flight! We leave within 20 minutes of each other from JFK, from different terminals, on different airlines – me on BA and Stuart on Virgin (which is way better!). And we arrive within 20 minutes of each other at Heathrow tomorrow, different terminals.

It worked out cheaper this way as I had to get on a BA flight to be on the same return flight as my mum when I come back to the States, but the cheapest flights were not BA, so Stuart did one of those cheap-not-know-you’re-airline sites and got on Virgin – so that was cool!

So we’ll see each other when we drive to JFK tonight  and then I will see him again when I get picked up tomorrow morning after we arrive! Strange!!

If only we could communicate across the ocean, thousands of miles up in the air!!

If only BBM worked while flying haha!!

I will miss him 🙂

But we get to save money so that’s a bonus!

If I make it to the plane as still haven’t packed and am at the office…..aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So this is my last day in America until JANUARY!!!

For just under 6 months!!!

In 2012!!

That’s weird.

Next time I’ll be back in the USA it will be in 2013 with a little schmonkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


365 ONE: day 138…Missing Cards and No Booze Criteria

Day 138: May 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “I Say A Little Prayer” by Dionne Warwick

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Thanks To My Sis!”

Anything to Note =

Do you know what I realized?

I am waiting for a bunch of “cards”…my Green Card, my new health insurance card, my new British Airways credit card – all with promises of arrival, all late, all missing!

Ha – just thought of another card – my mum sent me a birthday card last year that never got to me either – another card haha! Well let’s hope the other cards I’m waiting for now don’t follow that path!!


I finally got around to actually sitting down and looking at my calendar and my schedule as I had an earlier thought in an earlier blog entry about whether I had drunk any alcohol on my 365, or not.



I can’t believe it – my earlier thought was true! I started 365 on January 9th with a week of detox of only fruit and veg, and then there was like three or four days, and then I found out I was pregnant!!

I looked at the calendar to see if there were anything in those three or four days but I was in rehearsals until past 10pm and busy, and nothing like a dinner or bar meeting or anything was scheduled, so it turns out I seriously have not had an ounce of booze in what now is 138 days!!

Which means now for real I need to consider this….

Do I add this officially to my 365? Do I make no alcohol the 12th criteria on my 365 Challenge? But then I would have to go all the way until January 8th, 2013!

Well, being pregnant, that would take me to September 22nd or thereabouts so that would already bring me to something like 250 days! So yeah that leaves like 100 plus days but if I am breastfeeding I am not supposed to be drinking anyway, so maybe it’s not so unrealistic after all??

Or am I going to want that shot of tequila after I give birth?? Or if I stop breastfeeding before January 9th or something??

But I would have gone so far though already.

I need to think.

I won’t announce it until I think about this, or I guess I can even wait and see how I feel.

What do you guys think?

365 ONE: day 119…British Airways Needs a Name!

Day 119: May 6th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Stay Fly” by 8Ball/MJG/Three 6 Mafia/Young Buck

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Hair Do-n’t!”

Anything to Note =

I spent the day on the phone today with British Airways! With the lovely classical music over and over and over…

How lovely!!

Had to change my mum’s flight as she was supposed to be flying over to NYC tomorrow but now it’s not possible – so had to change her flight again, of course pretending to be her thanks to my acting skills 🙂

So since the plan is now to have the baby in London and my mum was going to fly back over me with the baby, we had to choose a new date and after the Christmas and New Years holidays seemed to be the best bet since it would be so close to then anyway…and we need to squeeze in our UK wedding reception while over there too (will of course be updating you all with dates and details when we know that!!). So had to re-book her for January.

Then had to make sure I booked my flight to get on the same flight as my mum! So that is now set. July until January!! CRAZY!!! Just need the Green Card to secure that and calm my anxiety…

And then booked Stuart for his first out of three trips he will be making with me over in the UK, but we did his through a “secret carrier” as it was cheaper than BA since I had to be on BA to travel with my mum, but Stuart doesn’t have to. So we saved over $350 doing it this way when you book with a time slot and then after you book you find out the name of the airline – a little exciting but also nervy too!

So now Stuart and I are flying out on the same day in July, within like 20 minutes of each other with our departure and arrival times BUT I am on British Airways and Stuart is on Virgin! We thought maybe we would end up on BA together but oh well – we will drive to the airport together, say goodbye and then say hello in London the next day 🙂

So after that was complete, I had to add an infant to my booking for my return leg, so again on the phone with BA, but then while on hold with the lovely theme music again, I realized I probably could not do this as I have no name!! NO NAME FOR THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart and I had quite the bus ride to brunch with Baby Names!! Lots of crazy names floating around – I don’t like any names!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!

I think on the 9th of May at my check up I can find out the sex of the baby…so we’ll see…..AHHHHHHHHHH!!!